Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Getting Ready!

We have been tremendously busy these last few weeks, and although I was doing a pretty good job of posting almost once a week, I realize that I've completely neglected our blog lately! Here's a quick update, and I'll post pictures soon:
  • May 19th - Brad graduated from Taylor University. We spent the weekend with the Livingston family at TU and had a great time celebrating Brad's last days at college.
  • May 24th - Final walk-through of our new home in Wheaton. The sellers had scrubbed the house from top to bottom - it looked fantastic and even smelled clean!
  • May 25th - 9:00am, we closed on our house (in 45 minutes).
  • May 25th - 10:30am - Rob and I, the eager and proud homeowners, could be found pulling weeds and picking up our new yard.
  • May 26th - Kelsey had her graduation open house and we celebrated her very successful high school career. Highlight: the slide show mom and Josh put together, a total tear-jerker.
  • May 26th and 28th - Cheryl's brother Steve helped us paint the 2 guest bedrooms, guest bathroom, kitchen, and ceilings.
  • May 27th - Carpet cleaners come! Christine (Brad's fiance) had her bridal shower in Naperville, which was so much fun. I got to catch up with my friend Brooke from Taylor.
  • May 28th - I met our new neighbors, who are very nice. I also discover the chipmunk family living under our front porch. More house-stuff (cleaning, etc.) and packing at our apartment.

So now you know what we have been up to. The days ahead will be an adventure! Rob and I are both taking Friday off to pack up the rest of our apartment, and then the movers come on Saturday morning and we become Wheaton residents. I'm taking Monday-Wednesday off as well to unpack and settle everything into our home, because I leave Sunday the 10th for Seattle for 3 days (SOA Board meeting). That following weekend, we'll have a group of guys at our house for Brad's bachelor party, and then Brad and Christine will be getting married on the 23rd in Michigan! Hard to believe how quickly this spring has flown by...

We hope you are all doing well!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Friday May 11 - Kelsey Goes to Prom

Kelsey wrapped up her senior year on Friday night with Prom... she went with her good friend Chris again this year, who wore a powder blue tux to match Kelsey's blue and green dress! They were adorable, and we can't believe that she's off to Taylor in 3 months.

(Remind anyone of Jeff Larson at our wedding!?)

Mom and I snapped a few pictures before we saw Kelsey and Chris off... and landed in this one somehow.

Mom: "Hey Kelsey, walk over there and I'll take a walking-shot!"

Heading out - in style!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Speeday - Sunday May 6th

So after the mini marathon was over, we discovered free day passes in the guys' gift bags to the time trials at the Speedway on Sunday morning - but what really sucked us in was the promise of a free pancake breakfast. =) Since we had nothing better to do, we (Rob, Dad Livingston and I) decided to check it out before driving back home to Chicago. It turns out that the Speedway is HUGE! And it was another beautiful day, so we hung around for a while and here is what we saw:

The Mini Marathon - Saturday May 5th

This past weekend Rob, his brother Brad and Dad Livingston all ran in the Indianapolis 500 Mini Marathon. (Christine and I cheered them on!) It was a really great weekend - beautiful weather, no injuries, and we were all very proud of the Livingston men for not only finishing the race, but putting out some pretty impressive times.

Here is Rob finishing the race at 1 hour, 31 minutes (6:58 per mile pace).

And below, Brad coming in just a few minutes later!

Christine and I were really excited to be able to pick Rob and Brad out of the crowd just 3/4 mile from the finish line and get some action shots!

At the Taylor Tent after the race...

Waiting for the guys to run by. See the greenish blue hydrant in the background? I ran into that just minutes before this picture was taken... and it left a goose-egg and bruise on my shin. Fantastic.