Monday, June 25, 2007

Brad and Christine's Wedding

Brad and Christine were married on Saturday, June 23rd, in Michigan! Both Rob and I stood up in their wedding. It was beautiful, fun, and a great time with family and friends. The rehearsal dinner was held at the Coach Insignia in the GM Building in downtown Detroit. It was beautiful (see picture below) and we had a great view of the city (and Canada) from the 72nd floor!!

At the church...
Mother of the groom (Mom Livingston) - SO BEAUTIFUL!

Pinning Nicholas' boutonniere on just before the ceremony - could he be any cuter in his little tux!?

Christine with her siblings - she looked unbelievably beautiful!!

The Livingston Family, getting bigger by the day!

Christine and Brad

All of the pictures we took in front of the fountain will be keepers, but this one is the sweetest.

Brad and Dad Livingston

Brad and the girls...

Christine and the guys!

The entire wedding party

Brad and Christine are probably sitting on a beach somewhere in Jamaica right now, enjoying being married. Congratulations, you two - we love you both and can't wait to see you again in July!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Professional Portrait from TU

Dad Livingston passed this picture along to us recently - it was taken by a professional photographer during Brad's Taylor Graduation weekend in the Dining Commons. I thought it turned out very well.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Christine's Bridal Shower

Christine's Bridal Shower was here in Naperville, and thrown by by a few of her closest friends, including Sara VanWinkle (a Schupra...). You can tell the Schupra women were a behind it because of the elaborate and creative decorations, cute games, sleepover-theme, icecream sundae buffet, and favors. It was such a fun afternoon, evidenced by the fact that I have very few pictures! (sad)

Nesting at 633 Alchester Drive

We're all moved into our house, and tomorrow morning I turn in the keys to our old apartment at 5th Avenue Station.
It's already beginning to feel like home; we have kind neighbors on either side of our house, a garage (!), and most importantly we can sleep with the windows open and not be woken up by a train passing just 50 feet away. The extra closet space is nice too.
We're so thankful for the help everyone has offered and/or given to us as we've made this move.
Since our blog is privacy-protected and by-invitation only, I will post our new address and phone number:
633 Alchester Drive, Wheaton, IL 60187
New House Phone Number: (630) 868-3036
(*I will post updated house pictures soon, once we finish off those last pesky boxes!)

Moving Day - June 2

What you get for hiring movers without a referral...

Needless to say, I would not recommend D&B Movers of Wauconda, IL. Aside from the filthy and scraped up mattress you see that is less than a year old (yes, that's an enormous splinter), we caught the movers smoking in the truck that held all our furniture, on one of several 'unannounced breaks' while we paid them hourly... $520 total.

What's going on here?

I'll let you figure out what's happening in these pictures. Let's just say it all started out as an innocent dinner with the family and Grandparents Bob and Edie at Stir Crazy, and the next thing you know, Kelsey's taking part in her first dare-for-money... she made $40.
To find out what Kelsey did for $40, call her at (630)542-5357!

Kelsey's Open House - May 26

Do you like how I'm catching up on the entire last month's activities in one day??

Here are some pictures from Kelsey's Open House, which was a fun day and full of friends and (unexpected) family!

Guess who's who...

Kelsey and longtime friend, Chris (see Prom Pictures)

The Cake

What's a graduation open house without a 2-flavor smoothie machine, driven all the way from Addison and requiring Dad to constantly add ice water and mix throughout the entire day?!

Watching the slide show put together by Mom and Josh (which made Joy and I cry every time, forcing us to leave the room!).

Joy snapping away...


Kelsey and Mike, who also graduated that weekend and is off to Notre Dame in the Fall.

Friends who came to celebrate.

Closing on our Home - May 25th

9:00am - We closed on our house and became, for the first time, homeowners!
At the closing, with our Attorney. It was very anticlimactic, but we had fun signing our names 1,000 times with the fancy pens Cheryl bought us specifically for this day (look closely, they're on the table).

Our fabulous realtor, Robin VanDiver.

Mom, Dad and Kelsey (fresh from wisdom-teeth surgery!) helping us move things into the house.

Apparently not everyone moved when the house was sold - the littlest member of the chipmunk family living under our porch.

Brad's TU Graduation - May 19th

Brad graduated from Taylor University this Spring. We were so proud of him, and as always excited for a reason to visit campus again. It was sad to think about not having a reason to come back all the time... until we remembered that Kelsey will be there next year! So we have another 4 years full of reasons to drive to Upland, Indiana.

The Livingston Brothers

Proud Dad

Mr. and Mrs. Cleary with Brad and Christine

Proud Family!

Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2007 - we celebrated Mother's Day at Arrowhead Golf Club in Wheaton at their newly renovated clubhouse. It was a beautiful evening to celebrate a beautiful mom! We wished we could have spent the day with Mom Livingston also.

Mom with her Mother's Day bouquet!