Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Visiting Girlfriends

Robbie and I spent the day yesterday in Wauconda - we visited our dear friend Becki Bellito who is on bedrest in her 32nd week of carrying twins (and trying to keep them baking for a little while longer!).  We coordinated our trip with Becky and Charlotte Larson, so the 5 of us could all see each other at the same time.  It was such a great day!

It was the first time Charlotte and Robbie really got to crawl around and interact with each other since they have become mobile little babies.  I should correct myself - Charlotte WALKS everywhere!  It is so funny to watch - it seems unnatural in a way because these little ones have always  been stuck wherever they are, and those days are over.  

The only pictures I took were during lunch (when my hands were free), but I have some great video of the two babies playing together later in the day.  We made turkey panini's for lunch, had a mini-shower for Becki as we watched her open gifts we had gotten for the shower that ended up being cancelled because of her early labor scare, and oogled over the nursery and clothes that await the 2 Bellito boys!  

Getting Robbie to eat his lunch was a bit of a task, since the Bellito's have 2 sweet dogs who caught on very quickly that where there are eating babies, there is food for them too.  Robbie, being the dog lover that he is, generously shared his food with the dogs and couldn't tear himself away from them.  I got desperate after a 1/2 hour of sitting with him trying to get him to finish eating that I started to blockade the dogs from his chair with my legs. :)  

The babes in their travel high chairs!  Robbie reached over to hold Charlotte's hand at one point, and also made himself comfortable with food sharing.  He swapped a few pieces of his chicken and noodles for one of her ravioli's.  What a friendly little guy.

I love this one!  Char's full mouth, Robbie kicking back and staring out the sliding glass door... such serious babies.

Becki is doing SO well on bedrest - she is trying to hold off another episode of premature labor.  At this point if she does begin labor the doctors won't stop her.  So she is resting and taking it easy so that her boys can keep baking for as long as they can.  If you saw her, you would have no idea that she is carrying twins!  She is so small for having 2 babies in there.  I am positive I was as big as she is right now when I delivered Robbie.  She's doing a really good job of staying on the couch - which sounds like it wouldn't be that hard, but honestly it has got to drive you crazy after a while.  Just wanting to get your own glass of water.  Or grab a quick snack.  She dutifully asks someone nearby to help her out and I know it's not easy.  Matt's parents were the ones looking after her yesterday and so we got to catch up with them also and they got to meet Robbie for the first time.  

We can't wait to meet these two little boys, and Robbie is excited to have a few more 'buddies' to play with!  

Monday, February 9, 2009

"Not Me" Monday!

It is "Not Me" - and I certainly have a handful of things that I definitely didn't do lately.

I did not stay inside our house all weekend with my little family minus excursions for food, a glue stick, and to drop Robbie off at my mom's house because we are all sharing a nasty cold virus that won't go away.  

I would never try (unsuccessfully, I might add) to encourage my little boy to revert back to 3 naps per day just because I wanted to nap away my own cold.

If my husband were to bring me a box of assorted donuts from Dunkin Donuts, I would not admit that I like the gesture more than I like a boquette of flowers.   Who does that?  Not me.

I have not covered our dining room with my scrapbooking project, and even if I had, I would not have 10 months of catch-up to do in Robbie's album.

I do not wake up at 6:30am every morning now, because that is not when Robbie wakes up.  But if I did, I would totally be a morning person and enjoy it, not looking forward to the morning nap we both take.

I do not contemplate what sort of change in hairstyle or haircut it would take to shorten my entire getting-ready routine to 20 minutes or less.  

I did not use the pregnancy excuse to eat enough for 2 normal sized adults at Panera yesterday.  I know... 'you're eating for two!'  Well, most of what I've read is that that's supposed to mean you drink an extra glass of milk.  Which is where my problem rests - I don't like milk.  So food, it is.

I do not say 'we have the cutest little boy ever!' about 5 times a day to Rob, and believe it with all my heart. That would be slightly annoying.  

I do not silently curse our water heater for only holding enough hot water for a 20-30 minute shower.  That is plenty of time for a normal, if not luxuriously long, shower, and I am never forced to rinse conditioner out of my hair with cold water.

What didn't YOU do this weekend??

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Playdate with the Fuhrman Twins!

Today was a very special day!  Robbie got to play with Jackson and Amelia, the Fuhrman twins, whose birthdays are the day after Robbie's.  It has been so much fun for Jen and I to watch our babies grow up at the same time, and they just LOVE when we get them together to play!  Today was no exception.

The best picture we could get of these 3 together... forget waiting for smiles, they won't even sit still for very long!

There was a lot of licking... Jackson preferred the nightstand drawer knob (I don't blame him - it's cute!)...

While Amelia is partial to the door stopper thingy that makes a funny noise when you flick (or lick!) it.

Robbie was beside himself when I showed him their 2 golden retrievers, who were playing outside on the back deck.  He started laughing and banging on the door!  Poor kid needs a dog.  (Not happening anytime soon...)

"But mom, they have TWO!  Can't we get just ONE??"
I have to admit, these are the cutest dogs I have ever seen.  Notice the pup closest to the door, putting his paw up by Robbie's hand on the glass!

Robbie got to crawl through his first-ever tunnel!  These twins have the BEST toys!

A picture of Jackson that I just can't resist... don't let the big blue eyes fool you, this guy is on the move and looking for mischief.

And check out this photogenic little lady.  As sweet as she is cute...

Robbie trying to figure out 'Starlight', Amelia's animated PONY!  Seriously - it whinnies, moves its head towards you when you talk to it, and kids can ride on it until they're 80 lbs!  

And if you think all these things - adorable twins, fun toys, baby photo shoots - add up to the perfect playdate, well you haven't even heard the best part.  

Jen made warm molten chocolate cake and tea for the two of us to enjoy while we fed the babies lunch!

What a fun day - Jen, you and your kids are the best.  We love you!