Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Playdate with the Fuhrman Twins!

Today was a very special day!  Robbie got to play with Jackson and Amelia, the Fuhrman twins, whose birthdays are the day after Robbie's.  It has been so much fun for Jen and I to watch our babies grow up at the same time, and they just LOVE when we get them together to play!  Today was no exception.

The best picture we could get of these 3 together... forget waiting for smiles, they won't even sit still for very long!

There was a lot of licking... Jackson preferred the nightstand drawer knob (I don't blame him - it's cute!)...

While Amelia is partial to the door stopper thingy that makes a funny noise when you flick (or lick!) it.

Robbie was beside himself when I showed him their 2 golden retrievers, who were playing outside on the back deck.  He started laughing and banging on the door!  Poor kid needs a dog.  (Not happening anytime soon...)

"But mom, they have TWO!  Can't we get just ONE??"
I have to admit, these are the cutest dogs I have ever seen.  Notice the pup closest to the door, putting his paw up by Robbie's hand on the glass!

Robbie got to crawl through his first-ever tunnel!  These twins have the BEST toys!

A picture of Jackson that I just can't resist... don't let the big blue eyes fool you, this guy is on the move and looking for mischief.

And check out this photogenic little lady.  As sweet as she is cute...

Robbie trying to figure out 'Starlight', Amelia's animated PONY!  Seriously - it whinnies, moves its head towards you when you talk to it, and kids can ride on it until they're 80 lbs!  

And if you think all these things - adorable twins, fun toys, baby photo shoots - add up to the perfect playdate, well you haven't even heard the best part.  

Jen made warm molten chocolate cake and tea for the two of us to enjoy while we fed the babies lunch!

What a fun day - Jen, you and your kids are the best.  We love you!


Parker said...

you take such great pictures! I would totally agree with you..steer clear from getting a dog. I would just take him to your friends house when he feels the urge to have one!! They are WAY too much trouble :) Although..I do love ours..he just sheds and drools alot!

Jennifer said...

I don't know if I can agree with the previous comment. I love being able to say, "Buddy, come clean up" and in a matter of seconds all that food that Tyler dropped on the floor is miraculously gone!

Okay, okay, there's lots of hair to clean up but I'm thinking it's a good trade off! :)