Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another milestone

This time it was mainly a mommy-milestone, although it was also a first for Robbie.

We decided today was the day Robbie would be introduced to the church nursery!  In the past, we have been spending our Sunday mornings in the cry room, where Robbie can crawl around, eat cheerios, and play with his friend Riley.  It's nice in there - a big room with chairs and couches, TVs with a live feed of the service, and we can all be together.  But it's not the ideal worship-environment or experience, and Rob gave me the gentle nudge a week or so ago that maybe it's time to consider trying the nursery so that we could get back into the sanctuary for worship.  

Deep breath!...

I am proud to say that all of us did very well today.  I know, at this point you are laughing.  But come on - he is my first baby and no one except family (and Cheryl, who is considered family) has ever taken care of Robbie in my absence!  It's a big step.  The workers in the nursery were so sweet, and even though Robbie went in tired, I am told he did very well and even jammed an entire fistful of cheerios in his mouth at once during snack time.  Sounds to me like he enjoyed himself. 

I laughed so hard when we got home and I gave him a bottle of milk just before his nap - his eyes were rolling back in his head, he was so tired.

Now, if I could just find a babysitter that we aren't related to...!  Baby steps.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Close your eyes!

Today while I was feeding Robbie lunch, he did his cute little cheesy face while chewing and squished his eyelids shut tight in an effort to make me laugh.  Mission accomplished.  

Which got me thinking... Lately when I ask Robbie to identify things or mimic sounds or motions, he surprises me by following my commands.  So I decided to try a little experiment during lunch.

Me: "Robbie, close your eyes... like this!" (Me closing my eyes.)
Robbie - CLOSES HIS EYES!  And we repeated this command and performance several times, just in case it was a fluke.  He seems to recognize the command now even when I don't close my own eyes to prompt him.

Me: "Robbie, where's your hair?"
Robbie - touches his hair (with peas-and-carrots-fingers, lovely lunchtime idea mommy!)

I also think it's amazing that he locates the following things for me when I ask him where they are, either by pointing or just gazing at them: trees, balloon, birds, diaper, socks, toes, tongue, nose, juice, baba, winnie the pooh, blankie, paci, video (when we get in the van for a long-ish ride!), duckie and bath.

Aren't one year olds amazing!?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March Madness 2009 (aka Baby Madness)

This past weekend we got to see our friends Jeff and Becky Larson in Milwaukee, as we gathered at Jeff's parents' house to watch some of the games and just hang out together.  We had a great time, although this year's March Madness weekend looked very different than it has in years past!  It was mainly about the babies (as it always is - at least for the moms!), with food and basketball in between.  

My boys enjoying some male-bonding time as they take in the games.  That, or Robbie's being distracted by Cheerios so that he'll sit still.

These kids know how to eat!  It was a Cheerios, chex mix, baby-fruit-bar mess under the coffee table after snack time was over.  Charlotte was fascinated with the wrong side of Robbie's paci, and Robbie loved her fruit bar.  I guess you always want what everyone else has, right?!

Charlotte would try to love on Robbie as he'd crawl past her!!  How cute is this?!

More love (it's endless).  Ignore Robbie's expression - he LOVED the attention and loves this sweet girl.  She is kissing him on the back!

Then they started to run (and crawl) around the basement, and both of their shirts somehow kept getting stuck up on their bellies!

Funny moment when Jeff and Becky started yelling "GIRL GONE WILD!" as Charlotte ran around giggling with her shirt stuck up on her onesie!

Posing?!  This girl has so much personality - and she is the cutest sight, being so tiny and just walking around everywhere.

Playing by the window... trying to break free?

About to leave... both babies were very ready to see the outdoors!

Sweet little face.

Another highlight was when we put the kids in the bathtub together.  They kept sliding around and slipping backwards, and Becky and I were laughing so hard!  It was a disaster but lots of fun.  The wallpaper had to be wiped down afterwards.  I have a few snippets of video of the bath, but am not sure if I will be sharing it since Becky and I both felt like bad moms as we would watch (through the video camera) our babies falling over in the water!  It wasn't deep enough for them to really go under - don't worry (or think badly of us). 

Thanks again for such a great weekend guys!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hanging out with Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa stopped by this afternoon while they were in Wheaton running errands... it was one of those days that was sort of rainy and very windy, and I had nothing in particular that I needed to get done.  So we welcomed the brief visit as the highlight of our otherwise boring, home-bound day!

Robbie played in the foyer with Grandpa most of the time.  He particularly likes to look out the front door at the "tees" (trees) and bang on the glass.  

He showed Grandpa how good he is at crawling up and down the landing step (more like slithering head-first down and landing on his knees with a thud, but still proud of himself).  Grandpa tickled him when he'd crawl close by, and Robbie loved the chase.  

This boy loves his grandpa!  
(I think the feeling might be mutual...)

The only other happening (not) worth noting was that Robbie tried hot dogs at lunch for the first time.  They were in our freezer and were an Omaha Steak gift-box item from Christmas, so I figured the quality was probably decent.  I made macaroni and cheese and diced up the hot dog, and Robbie and I enjoyed an all-American lunch together.  He loved every bite.

I sort of grossed myself out, but refused to think too long or hard about it.  I enjoy letting Robbie explore new flavors and textures, and am trying to keep him from being too picky of an eater by constantly exposing him to a variety of foods.

Pray for Stellan

If you have a chance, please visit MckMama's blog, My Charming Kids, and pray for her baby Stellan.  His birth was a miracle as doctors said he would not live inside his mother's womb long enough to be born due to a heart condition, but God completely healed him and he was born perfectly normal.  Thousands of people prayed for Stellan's health throughout MckMama's pregnancy with him.  He is in the hospital right now with alarming conditions related to / affecting his heart.  You can read the details on their blog, and pray specifically that his heart rate would come down.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thankful (a look back)

I am so thankful for the health of my baby boy.

This is the only picture I have from the few days that Robbie was developing Pyloric Stenosis, but before it was diagnosed.  He was 2 1/2 weeks old.  My mom was out of town, and she had been my primary source of help (and sleep!) during the day.  Robbie had begun to throw up multiple times after every feeding, and was basically awake around the clock with bits of sleep in between vomiting.  I was exhausted, and getting scared at this point.

My sweet dad came over several times (even though he was dealing with some serious pain in his wrist - see the brace?) so that I could try and get some rest.  I am pretty sure this picture was taken on a Thursday night, the day before Robbie ended up being admitted to the ER after his diagnosis at the hospital.  My dad stayed overnight at our house and held Robbie on the family room couch from something like 10pm until 6 or 7am, caring for him completely - changing his diaper, holding him carefully while he projectile vomited, replacing soiled blankets and towels with fresh ones... I remember sleeping either on the other couch in the room, or on pillows laid out on the floor nearby so that I could be helpful quickly.  But I also remember sleeping so hard, because I knew Robbie was in good hands.

This picture, and the ones taken while Robbie was in the hospital before and after his surgery, didn't bother me before.  But now when I look at them, he looks so tiny and helpless!  They make me cry every time.  God was so good to protect us while he was sick - and to give us strength as parents to just see the situation for what it was and do what needed to be done for our son's sake.

I'm so undeserving but thankful that one year later, our son is growing and healthy and becoming the little boy God designed for him to be.  

Thanks again, Dad.  The words in this song, 'you never let go', are so fitting for this post.  You have demonstrated over and over again the qualities of our Heavenly Father to us, your kids.  This picture is just one tangible example of that, and I love you for it!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Somebody loves his daddy...

After Rob got home from work yesterday, we put Robbie in his pj's and went for a quick walk around the neighborhood with his new wagon.   It was almost 70 degrees here, and it would have been a crime not to make use of every bit of daylight!  Robbie enjoyed the jaunt, holding on to both sides the whole time and taking everything in.  He especially loved when we passed by dogs that were being walked, and would squeal at them and then look out of the back of the wagon until they were out of sight.  

Then it was time for some milk and snuggling with Dad on the couch before bedtime.  My boys were so cute that I just had to take a picture... which turned into two, then three, then a whole little photo shoot.  Robbie started to make these hilarious new faces.   I have a Nikon D40, and when it's auto-focusing, the flash light goes on for a moment or two before the picture is taken with a flash.  During this time, Robbie has decided that the light is too bright for him.  He started to close his eyes every time I was focusing and that light would go on, and he's never cared before.
Happy to be on dad's lap, with a belly full of milk.

Mom, your flash is so bright.  
(This isn't him blinking - he held this face for a few seconds!)

I will not open my eyes.

 And then the kissing started.

Robbie gives kisses to us when we ask, if he's in the mood.  Early in the morning and at night, just before bed, you have a pretty good chance of getting kissed.  Rob asked for a good-night kiss, and this is what he got.  

"I kiss him!"
So proud and loves his daddy.

Love bug.  Look out this weekend, Charlotte!  He's coming for you!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday, Robbie!

One year ago, this is what was happening on March 15th, very early in the morning!...

And now our little boy is one year old. ::sigh::  We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Robbie's first birthday, and especially enjoyed having all of his grandparents with us to celebrate with us!  

Robbie and his friend Riley preparing to eat lunch.  How cute are they together in their stripey outfits and matching high chairs!?

The cake!

Getting ready to have some fun with his smash cake...
Please overlook how enormous I am getting.  Yeesh.

Friends and family egging him on...

He was very subdued in his approach to eating the cake, especially enjoying raking his fingers through the icing.  Notice my dad motioning to him that he should bang on it!

Digging in.  Grammy Livingston was amazed (concerned!?) at how much of the cake he actually ate!  And I kept waiting for a blue and green diaper later in the day.  Apparently cake agrees with him.  He even took 2 2-hour naps that day!  Maybe I should offer cake daily?...

A new wagon for the birthday boy.  He decided to take Riley for a spin down the hallway.  I think we will be seeing a lot of these 2 in the wagon this summer.

Opening presents from friends, which of course held his attention for about 1 minute.  Then it was off to play in the ashes in the fireplace.

A good-bye picture with Grammy and Papa this morning before they flew back to New Jersey.

What a blessing, to be able to celebrate your baby's first birthday.  It was every bit as much fun as I imagined it to be!  Rob and I are so thankful that the Lord has given Robbie to us, and kept him healthy and safe throughout this first year.  

I take Robbie to the pediatrician this afternoon for his 1 year checkup (and shots), so I will have growth stats for you later.  But here is what Robbie is like as a brand new 1 year old!... (this is mostly just for me, so that I remember what he was like at 1.)

Eats 3 solid meals a day, and 3 medium sized bottles.
Loves peas 'n carrots, grilled cheese, cheerios, apple juice, pears, yogurt, cheese, pasta, and meat sticks (gross, I know).
Only lets mom feed him oatmeal and yogurt from a spoon.   Everything else he wants to touch as it goes into his mouth.  We bathe after dinner almost every night, it's a disaster.
Almost impossible to eat out at a restaurant anymore without causing a scene or making a huge mess.  

Sleeps 12 hours through the night, to the minute!
Takes 2 naps during the day - one for an hour, one for 2 hours.
Does not enjoy being rocked to sleep anymore, and can put himself to sleep easily.
Loves to snuggle in his crib with his favorite grey blankie and Winnie the Pooh, whom he knows by name.
Is soothed by the waterfall sound on his sound machine.
Has gotten legs stuck in crib slats several times, thankfully we don't have to worry about his head!

LOVES to be left alone in a contained area to play with his toys.
Hates to be held for very long.  He's a busy boy and has lots he wants to do.
Is learning to put large wooden puzzle pieces in their places.
Enjoys his toy hammer and lights-and-sound tool bench, as well as his xylophone and keyboard.
Will stand and play at his activity table forever!  Has mastered all of the features (flipping, spinning, sliding, turning the page, etc.).
Dances along the side of his pack and play, often letting go and standing unassisted.  Can ease his way to sitting from standing without flopping over.
Cruises the furniture, and also walks while balancing against the wall or window by himself.
Still loves staring at the ceiling fan, especially when it's on.
Can't resist the temptation to play in the fireplace at Grandma and Grandpa's house (not when it's on, of course!). Often has black hands when mommy forgets to pay attention.  Is fairly good at obeying when we tell him 'no'... at least for a minute or two until he forgets.
Enjoys playing with other kids the most - frequent playdate friends include Riley, Charlotte, Jackson, Amelia, Kyle and Ellie.
Loves the park and swings.
Loves going grocery shopping with mommy - looking at the balloons, holding my list, and chewing on the shopping cart (ick - drives me crazy!).
Favorite activity right now though is wrestling with Dad when he comes home from work, and playing together in his room before bedtime.

Can say these words - 
Mama, Dada, tree ("chee"), juice ("chu" or "du"), cheese ("deez").
Knows what these words/phrases mean or refer to -
'Snuggle with your blankie', Winnie the Pooh, book, brush your teeth / toothbrush, bath, duck, 'lean your head back' (to rinse shampoo), 'sit down on your bottom', 'lay your head down', dance, 'give a kiss', 'make a fish face', pig, tongue, teeth, nose, mommy's hair, 'be gentle', ring, finger(s), toes, socks, diaper, juice, bottle / baba, 'come to mommy' (then crawls to me), 'daddy's home!', fire, fan, lights, baby... maybe more that we don't realize??

Studious when playing with his toys.
Excited when he sees a friend, relative, or another child.
Seems to be over any separation anxiety he used to have, with mommy in particular.
Loves to mimic sounds, faces and hand motions that we make.
Fairly sensitive, especially to reprimand.
Snuggly in the morning when he wakes up - best time to try and get a kiss out of him!
Likes to make us laugh with a funny face or quick movements.
Hates to hold still when I change his diaper, or to stay seated in the bath tub.  Constantly wrestling him down!
Continues to have a seemingly long attention span for his age.

Height: 33 inches (99th percentile)
Weight: 25 lbs 13 oz (84th percentile)
Head circumference: 19 inches (94th percentile)
12-18 month clothing.
Size 5 diapers.
18-24 month shoes.
2T hats fit best.
Just got his first haircut by mommy last week.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Getting ready...

I finished my homemade Happy Birthday banner for Robbie this evening!  I'm so excited about it.  I didn't like anything I was seeing in the stores, so I got scrappy.  If I had more time I think I would have embellished the flags with buttons or scalloped edges or something.  But less is more... right? 

It feels like Christmas to me... my first baby's first birthday... oh my.

Grammy and Papa Livingston arrive midday on Friday!!  What a weekend it will be.  I will post pictures next week and will most likely not blog until then.  

Unless Robbie figures out how to undress himself while we are in public, and I have a camera with me.  Then I will just have to find the time...

Up to no good

So Robbie enjoys a little 'alone time' in his pack and play each morning after breakfast, while I peruse my favorite blogs or post to ours.  After just adding the beef post (see below), I looked over to see my half naked son, proudly dancing along the side of the pack and play.  As I type this, he is cracking himself up!  Looks like we have a new trick up our sleeves.

You can't turn your back on me for one second!

These pants and socks were getting in the way... I hope you don't mind that I took the liberty of removing them.

I am very interested in my toes and legs these days. Pants are getting in the way of my self-discovery!

You're not mad, are you??

My baby is turning into a little boy... as evidenced by this monster-face!  What a ham.

Beef, 3 times!

This is totally random - but if you're interested in making next week's grocery store trip a little more economical, and don't really feel like spending a whole lot of time in the kitchen preparing dinners, I have a recipe for you to try.  3 actually.  The idea is that you buy one 4 lb rump roast at the beginning of the week, acquaint it with your crock pot, and squeeze 3 tasty dinners out of it.  I would only recommend this if you have small children who don't eat a whole lot - it has been perfectly portioned so far for Rob and I with a little left over.  So far I really like the flavor, and paid extra attention to the cooking of the beef in the crock pot, since you know I have a love/hate relationship with it.  I still don't know how I manage to burn things in the crock pot.  It's a rare gift.

I wish I could take credit for these 3 great recipes but I can't - I found them on someone else's blog.  Here they are, with my little notes at the bottom.  I'll update the last 2 recipes with my suggestions once I've worked through them.  Enjoy!

Night 1: Beef Roast with Shiitake Mushroom Sauce

3.5 oz fresh shiitake mushrooms, sliced
1 (4lb) boneless beef rump or tip roast, trimmed of fat
1/4 c hoisin sauce
2 garlic cloves, minced
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 c cold water
2 Tbsp cornstarch
2 Tbsp sliced green onion

Place mushrooms in large (4 quart) slow cooker; top with beef roast.  Spread beef with hoisin sauce; sprinkle with garlic and salt.  Cover, cook on low setting for 8-10 hours.

About 10 min before serving, remove beef from slow cooker; place on serving platter and cover to keep warm.  In medium to large micro-safe bowl, blend water and cornstarch until smooth. Pour juices and mushrooms from slow cooker into cornstarch mixture; mix well.   Micro on high for 2-3 min or until mixture boils and thickens slightly, stirring once halfway through cooking.

Cut roast in half; set one half aside (you're going to use the other half for the next two meals).

Cut remaining half into thin slices; place on serving plate.  Reserve 1 1/2 c sauce (or more).  Spoon remaining sauce over the beef or just serve it on the side.  Sprinkle meat with onions.

Ashley's note:  Don't be tempted to use regular button mushrooms; the Shiitakes add great flavor to the sauce.  I used 5 oz of mushrooms b/c I love them, 3 cloves of garlic instead of 2, and Kosher salt.  I ended up with a larger volume of juices in the bottom of my crock pot than the recipe said I would, so I had a ton of gravy... probably 2 1/2 full cups left over after the first meal.  Also, if you want to cook the meat on high in the crock pot for 4 hours, just keep a close eye on it.  You only get one shot to make it awesome, otherwise you're stuck eating dry meat for the next 2 nights.  I served the beef with freshly smashed potatoes (adding butter, sour cream, and S&P) with some of the beef sauce as gravy, and glazed carrots.

Prepping for Meals 2 and 3

Divide reserved roast into 2 portions.  Slice each; cut slices into 2-inch strips. Divide strips evenly into 2 plastic storage containers.  Add 1 c sauce to 1 container (this one is for Beef and Asparagus over Noodles).  Add 1/2 c sauce to the other container (this one is for Beef and Broccoli) and throw them in the fridge.

**Like I said, I had more sauce left over than the recipe said I would, so I just added it to each of the containers, but I did reserve more sauce in the container designated for the Beef and Asparagus meal.  Probably doesn't matter.

Night 2: Beef and Asparagus over Noodles

3 c uncooked medium egg noodles
2 c cut fresh asparagus spears (1 1/2 inch pieces)
1/2 c water
Leftover Beef with sauce (the one with 1 c of sauce)
1 1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1/8 tsp pepper
8oz (about 1 cup) sour cream

Cook noodles as directed on package; drain.

In large skillet, combine asparagus and water.  Bring to boil over high heat; reduce to medium and cover, cooking 3-4 min or until crisp-tender.  Add beef/sauce, Worcestershire sauce and pepper; mix well.  Cover; cook 3-4 minutes or until thoroughly heated.

Stir in sour cream.  Cover; cook 3-4 min or until thoroughly heated, stirring frequently. Serve over noodles.  Can be topped with a dash of paprika or parmesan cheese.

Night 3: Beef and Broccoli over Rice

2 c uncooked instant rice
2 1/4 c water
Leftover Beef/Sauce (the one with 1/2 c sauce)
1/4 c soy sauce
1/4 tsp ginger
14 oz pkg frozen broccoli florets

Cook rice in 2 cups of water, as directed on package.

In large skillet, combine beef/sauce, remaining 1/4 c water, soy sauce and ginger; mix well.  Cook over medium-high heat until mixture comes to a boil.  Stir in frozen broccoli.  Cover, cook 5-6 min or until broccoli is tender, stirring once.  Serve over rice.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Grace and gratitude

I am either getting sentimental about marking Robbie's first year, or my pregnancy hormones are getting the best of me... but yesterday I found myself crying during an episode of "A Baby Story".  

You know the part - when the sweaty exhausted mom is rewarded for the past 9 months of carrying a small person in her belly and for the X amount of hours she has spent laboring and pushing by having a gooey baby placed on her chest, one that mind you looks like a blue scrunchy alien, but is still somehow the most beautiful sight to her?  

If you are a mom already, you know that it doesn't matter who this woman is or what that baby looks like.  You know the feeling - the earth is standing still at that moment for them and that life will never be the same.  And a part of you sincerely rejoices with these strangers on TV and prays for their health and for God's blessing.  For me, I am always transported back to the day Robbie was born.  Each time it happens, his birth might as well have been yesterday - I remember every moment!  I hope I always do.

Then, there was Saturday night when Rob and I snuck away for a date night since my mom offered to watch Robbie.  We went to CPK for dinner and talked about Robbie's birthday, and I wanted to know what Rob thought about the gift we might give to Robbie.  If you know us well, you know that Rob and I have very different love languages and approach the concept of gift giving in particular differently.  These conversations are usually a bit bumpy as we both try to find the middle ground that encompasses each of our desires in a way that is balanced, and this one was no exception.  We headed across the street to the movie theater to see "Slumdog Millionaire" without feeling like we had come to a point of solid agreement.  

I came out of the theater feeling very different about our previous conversation... and about our life in general.  I am so grateful.  And very thankful that God chose to use that movie to soften my heart and open my eyes.  He is so gentle with us, isn't He?  We have a very full life, and want for nothing (spiritually or physically).  Even when things are hard.  The discussion about Robbie's first birthday gift was a non-issue in my heart after that.  Instead, even more importantly, I hope that Rob and I can figure out how to take these things we learned that evening and turn them into a way of living that touches Robbie in the future.  What a great gift that would be for our son.  We have a concrete idea of what we will do, and in the years to come, if it's in Robbie's heart to participate also, then the opportunity will be right there waiting for him.  You can bet that I'm praying towards that end, too!  (Sorry, but the details are just for our little family.)

So as we get ready to mark Robbie's first birthday this Sunday, I am learning to walk with a posture of humility and thankfulness before God.  As I type, Robbie is sitting in his pack and play trying to pull both of his socks off at the same time, by the toes.  He is healthy, growing, thriving, full of life and joy - and he is here with us.  He looks a bit like Rob and a bit like me.  He is a miracle that we don't deserve.  

There are lots of things that happen to us that we are so undeserving of - that is the mark of God's grace in our lives and on our family.  Take, for instance, the fact that 4 years ago Rob asked me to marry him.  Totally God's grace in my life!!  Seriously, I think my parents tried to talk him out of it when he asked them for permission to propose, even though they had prayed that Rob would be 'the one' even while we were not dating.  I think they were starting to feel guilty about what their prayers would subject this poor guy to... their crazy daughter.  :)

By God's grace, I have a husband who loves me and does things like this all the time...

Builds a play yard for his son and then plays with him in it, even though he is exhausted from the work week...  this of course is the 'after' picture!  Completely worn out.  He made me promise not to put this one on the blog (sorry honey), but I can't find another image that quite captures how hard working and selfless he is towards Robbie and I.  Plus this one is just so sweet and it brings tears to my eyes.  What girl doesn't hope for a husband who will one day get down on the floor and play with her babies?  Ladies, this is what you are looking for, if you haven't found him yet.

Looking very old to me!...

And at the same time, looking very small...

I couldn't love these 2 more.

Also, please keep these families in your thoughts and prayers... they are dealing with injury, illness, stillbirth and death, but their stories are inspiring.  (I don't know any of them personally.)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Little Mr. Independent

Robbie is getting more and more independent by the day!  He loves to play on his own, either in his pack and play or in baby jail, provided that he has an ample supply of books and toys.  He seems to particularly love the lights-and-music tool bench that Grammy and Papa got him for Christmas, his gumball machine from G & G Armbruster, and the Winnie the Pooh Rob and I gave him (which he has started to sleep with too - one arm around Pooh's midsection as he sleeps nuzzled up against him!).  Too cute.  But I digress.  

He likes to have his own space, and in the last few weeks has tried standing on his own by holding on to the side of the pack and play and then letting go!  He will rarely do this when we're holding on to him or in any other environment. I think he knows that the sides and bottom of the pack and play are soft enough to cushion his falls.  

But he HAS figured out that the water in his bath tub might provide an equally soft landing and has decided, to my dismay, that this is his new favorite place to attempt to stand by himself.  At first I found myself totally perplexed by how I should respond to him!  We praise him when he tries to stand by himself and eventually falls, so that he'll keep trying.  But in the tub?... big no-no.  I felt like I was sending him mixed signals.  But the idea of him cracking his head on the side of the tub put my new-mom worries to rest. 

After leaning over to get a toy, he realized that he could put his face in the water... and come up with a bubble beard!

Being naught.  Or just being a boy.

Getting ready for his newest stunt!... wait for it...

CHECK ME OUT!  I'm STANDING!!  (And no, his hands are not on the side of the pack and play, even though it sort of looks like they are.)  I love the eyebrows and his expression!