Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another milestone

This time it was mainly a mommy-milestone, although it was also a first for Robbie.

We decided today was the day Robbie would be introduced to the church nursery!  In the past, we have been spending our Sunday mornings in the cry room, where Robbie can crawl around, eat cheerios, and play with his friend Riley.  It's nice in there - a big room with chairs and couches, TVs with a live feed of the service, and we can all be together.  But it's not the ideal worship-environment or experience, and Rob gave me the gentle nudge a week or so ago that maybe it's time to consider trying the nursery so that we could get back into the sanctuary for worship.  

Deep breath!...

I am proud to say that all of us did very well today.  I know, at this point you are laughing.  But come on - he is my first baby and no one except family (and Cheryl, who is considered family) has ever taken care of Robbie in my absence!  It's a big step.  The workers in the nursery were so sweet, and even though Robbie went in tired, I am told he did very well and even jammed an entire fistful of cheerios in his mouth at once during snack time.  Sounds to me like he enjoyed himself. 

I laughed so hard when we got home and I gave him a bottle of milk just before his nap - his eyes were rolling back in his head, he was so tired.

Now, if I could just find a babysitter that we aren't related to...!  Baby steps.


Mike, Jamie, Jack, and Drew said...

You have a beautiful blog.....I loved looking at the entries...I have to say that I am very proud of you for putting Robbie in the boys were in after their two month shots...they were way too loud for me to even appreciate the service...good luck on that babysitter...Mike and I are still looking for one we trust...I am way too attached to let go of my boys to just anyone!

Rachel said...

I will babysit anytime - we're so close!! p.s. adorable blog
~R. Jones :)