Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sweet baby girl...

We had a follow up ultrasound on Friday and got a nice long look again at our baby girl!  Everything seems to be progressing well with her health and growth, for which we are incredibly thankful.  I thought you all might enjoy seeing her... here are the photos we were sent home with.

"Please stop looking at me!"

The tech confirming for me that we do, in fact, have a girl on the way.  :)

Sweet little feet!

Baby profile

Profile with a little wave for the camera!


Jennifer said...

Oh, wow! What a beautiful baby girl (I can already tell)! Very photogenic too! She sure knows how to pose! :)

Kels said...

Ash - the ultra sounds pictures are precious. Is it just me, or is your little girl beautiful?! I feel like you get to know her a little bit just by looking at the ultrasounds :)

I hope you're hanging in there, and I can't wait to see you guys soon!
Much love~

Christine said...

The pictures are awesome!! It's incredible to see that tiny little girl's body! Thanks for sharing them!

Abby said...

Such sweet ultrasound pics! Doesn't it just give you great relief to see that she's still a girl?? I said that to the U/S tech when I was pregnant with Maguire, "Oh good, he's still a boy" (as in, the first tech wasn't mistaken) and she, very seriously, responded with, "Yes he's STILL a boy...they don't change sexes, you know." Duh! Anyway, the confirmation is always great :) I love, love , love the pic of her little feet!