Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thankful (a look back)

I am so thankful for the health of my baby boy.

This is the only picture I have from the few days that Robbie was developing Pyloric Stenosis, but before it was diagnosed.  He was 2 1/2 weeks old.  My mom was out of town, and she had been my primary source of help (and sleep!) during the day.  Robbie had begun to throw up multiple times after every feeding, and was basically awake around the clock with bits of sleep in between vomiting.  I was exhausted, and getting scared at this point.

My sweet dad came over several times (even though he was dealing with some serious pain in his wrist - see the brace?) so that I could try and get some rest.  I am pretty sure this picture was taken on a Thursday night, the day before Robbie ended up being admitted to the ER after his diagnosis at the hospital.  My dad stayed overnight at our house and held Robbie on the family room couch from something like 10pm until 6 or 7am, caring for him completely - changing his diaper, holding him carefully while he projectile vomited, replacing soiled blankets and towels with fresh ones... I remember sleeping either on the other couch in the room, or on pillows laid out on the floor nearby so that I could be helpful quickly.  But I also remember sleeping so hard, because I knew Robbie was in good hands.

This picture, and the ones taken while Robbie was in the hospital before and after his surgery, didn't bother me before.  But now when I look at them, he looks so tiny and helpless!  They make me cry every time.  God was so good to protect us while he was sick - and to give us strength as parents to just see the situation for what it was and do what needed to be done for our son's sake.

I'm so undeserving but thankful that one year later, our son is growing and healthy and becoming the little boy God designed for him to be.  

Thanks again, Dad.  The words in this song, 'you never let go', are so fitting for this post.  You have demonstrated over and over again the qualities of our Heavenly Father to us, your kids.  This picture is just one tangible example of that, and I love you for it!

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