Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March Madness 2009 (aka Baby Madness)

This past weekend we got to see our friends Jeff and Becky Larson in Milwaukee, as we gathered at Jeff's parents' house to watch some of the games and just hang out together.  We had a great time, although this year's March Madness weekend looked very different than it has in years past!  It was mainly about the babies (as it always is - at least for the moms!), with food and basketball in between.  

My boys enjoying some male-bonding time as they take in the games.  That, or Robbie's being distracted by Cheerios so that he'll sit still.

These kids know how to eat!  It was a Cheerios, chex mix, baby-fruit-bar mess under the coffee table after snack time was over.  Charlotte was fascinated with the wrong side of Robbie's paci, and Robbie loved her fruit bar.  I guess you always want what everyone else has, right?!

Charlotte would try to love on Robbie as he'd crawl past her!!  How cute is this?!

More love (it's endless).  Ignore Robbie's expression - he LOVED the attention and loves this sweet girl.  She is kissing him on the back!

Then they started to run (and crawl) around the basement, and both of their shirts somehow kept getting stuck up on their bellies!

Funny moment when Jeff and Becky started yelling "GIRL GONE WILD!" as Charlotte ran around giggling with her shirt stuck up on her onesie!

Posing?!  This girl has so much personality - and she is the cutest sight, being so tiny and just walking around everywhere.

Playing by the window... trying to break free?

About to leave... both babies were very ready to see the outdoors!

Sweet little face.

Another highlight was when we put the kids in the bathtub together.  They kept sliding around and slipping backwards, and Becky and I were laughing so hard!  It was a disaster but lots of fun.  The wallpaper had to be wiped down afterwards.  I have a few snippets of video of the bath, but am not sure if I will be sharing it since Becky and I both felt like bad moms as we would watch (through the video camera) our babies falling over in the water!  It wasn't deep enough for them to really go under - don't worry (or think badly of us). 

Thanks again for such a great weekend guys!

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The Larsons said...

We LOVED every minute of the Madness!


Jeff, Bec & Char