Saturday, March 7, 2009

Little Mr. Independent

Robbie is getting more and more independent by the day!  He loves to play on his own, either in his pack and play or in baby jail, provided that he has an ample supply of books and toys.  He seems to particularly love the lights-and-music tool bench that Grammy and Papa got him for Christmas, his gumball machine from G & G Armbruster, and the Winnie the Pooh Rob and I gave him (which he has started to sleep with too - one arm around Pooh's midsection as he sleeps nuzzled up against him!).  Too cute.  But I digress.  

He likes to have his own space, and in the last few weeks has tried standing on his own by holding on to the side of the pack and play and then letting go!  He will rarely do this when we're holding on to him or in any other environment. I think he knows that the sides and bottom of the pack and play are soft enough to cushion his falls.  

But he HAS figured out that the water in his bath tub might provide an equally soft landing and has decided, to my dismay, that this is his new favorite place to attempt to stand by himself.  At first I found myself totally perplexed by how I should respond to him!  We praise him when he tries to stand by himself and eventually falls, so that he'll keep trying.  But in the tub?... big no-no.  I felt like I was sending him mixed signals.  But the idea of him cracking his head on the side of the tub put my new-mom worries to rest. 

After leaning over to get a toy, he realized that he could put his face in the water... and come up with a bubble beard!

Being naught.  Or just being a boy.

Getting ready for his newest stunt!... wait for it...

CHECK ME OUT!  I'm STANDING!!  (And no, his hands are not on the side of the pack and play, even though it sort of looks like they are.)  I love the eyebrows and his expression!

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Jennifer said...

Whoa! Watch out! That little guy is about to take off!!! I'm afraid to break it to you, but that "baby jail" might not work for too much longer! :)