Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Somebody loves his daddy...

After Rob got home from work yesterday, we put Robbie in his pj's and went for a quick walk around the neighborhood with his new wagon.   It was almost 70 degrees here, and it would have been a crime not to make use of every bit of daylight!  Robbie enjoyed the jaunt, holding on to both sides the whole time and taking everything in.  He especially loved when we passed by dogs that were being walked, and would squeal at them and then look out of the back of the wagon until they were out of sight.  

Then it was time for some milk and snuggling with Dad on the couch before bedtime.  My boys were so cute that I just had to take a picture... which turned into two, then three, then a whole little photo shoot.  Robbie started to make these hilarious new faces.   I have a Nikon D40, and when it's auto-focusing, the flash light goes on for a moment or two before the picture is taken with a flash.  During this time, Robbie has decided that the light is too bright for him.  He started to close his eyes every time I was focusing and that light would go on, and he's never cared before.
Happy to be on dad's lap, with a belly full of milk.

Mom, your flash is so bright.  
(This isn't him blinking - he held this face for a few seconds!)

I will not open my eyes.

 And then the kissing started.

Robbie gives kisses to us when we ask, if he's in the mood.  Early in the morning and at night, just before bed, you have a pretty good chance of getting kissed.  Rob asked for a good-night kiss, and this is what he got.  

"I kiss him!"
So proud and loves his daddy.

Love bug.  Look out this weekend, Charlotte!  He's coming for you!


The Larsons said...

Oh my goodness!!! I absolutely ADORE the pic of him just holding his eyes for a few seconds. I can't handle it. I cannot wait to get our two precious little ones together. Char has been holding out on us when it comes to kisses this week. Perhaps Robbie can persuade her otherwise!?

Ryan and Kristin Zeeb said...

this post just cracked me up! those open-mouthed kisses are fabulous! they look so...slobbery as well=) His eyes shut tight with that big old grin of his is just priceless! What a gift to have such a happy and fun little guy!