Saturday, March 7, 2009

A week with friends

So even though we have been sick this week, we have managed to squeeze in a few playdates with Robbie's friends.  Yesterday it was SO nice - in the 60's!  I packed up lunches for both us and we spent a few hours at Seven Gables Park.  Heather and Riley met us there, and had the babies not desperately needed to nap after a while, I think we could have stayed until dinnertime.  It was gorgeous and a great change of scenery for all of us - Robbie and Riley crawled around on the ground which is made of some sort of plastic that looks like strings all melted together?  It's spongy underneath and doesn't get hot from the sun.  Brilliant.  They spent a fair amount of time trying to avoid being stepped on by the bigger kids, and ended our time in the swings which is always a favorite. 

What a lovely afternoon for a park-date!  I have missed you.

Practicing their standing and cruising near the oversized screws.

Would anyone else say that Robbie is channeling his inner Papa-Livingston here!?  I see a very clear resemblance, especially in the eyes and in the corners of the mouth.   :)

Rewind back to Monday (the day before Robbie developed his ear infection).  My friend Julie had a few things that had to be done sans-children, and so I kept her twins Ellie and Kyle for a little while in the morning.  Robbie woke up from his nap shortly after they arrived, and the 3 of us paraded into his nursery to get him up - he went crazy in his crib!  He loves these kids.  And thankfully, everyone asked to play in our 'baby jail' for most of the time, as it was a novelty.  

Although we call it baby jail because we feel slightly guilty about using it (the other stairway-barricade things don't work in our house b/c of our bannisters and we have to contain Robbie somehow), I have found that most kids enjoy having their own space.  What is it they say about children needing and actually wanting boundaries?!  We may be taking that concept to a whole new (physical) level, but whatever.  It seems to hold true!

Snack time!  Cinnamon muffins and juice.  When I told Rob that Ellie said to her mom "I like her!" about me as they were packing up to leave, he asked me if I fed them treats the whole time.  Oh the shame.  I do not attempt to buy the love of children through my baked goods... I earn it by playing on the floor with them!  Ok, so the cinnamon muffin probably helped my case.

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Jennifer said...

Too cute! Great pictures, Ashley, as always! Robbie is so blessed to have so many wonderful friends to play with all the time. Oh, and I fully give you permission to buy my child's affection with your baked goods any day of the week! :)