Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hanging out with Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa stopped by this afternoon while they were in Wheaton running errands... it was one of those days that was sort of rainy and very windy, and I had nothing in particular that I needed to get done.  So we welcomed the brief visit as the highlight of our otherwise boring, home-bound day!

Robbie played in the foyer with Grandpa most of the time.  He particularly likes to look out the front door at the "tees" (trees) and bang on the glass.  

He showed Grandpa how good he is at crawling up and down the landing step (more like slithering head-first down and landing on his knees with a thud, but still proud of himself).  Grandpa tickled him when he'd crawl close by, and Robbie loved the chase.  

This boy loves his grandpa!  
(I think the feeling might be mutual...)

The only other happening (not) worth noting was that Robbie tried hot dogs at lunch for the first time.  They were in our freezer and were an Omaha Steak gift-box item from Christmas, so I figured the quality was probably decent.  I made macaroni and cheese and diced up the hot dog, and Robbie and I enjoyed an all-American lunch together.  He loved every bite.

I sort of grossed myself out, but refused to think too long or hard about it.  I enjoy letting Robbie explore new flavors and textures, and am trying to keep him from being too picky of an eater by constantly exposing him to a variety of foods.

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Jennifer said...

Ty is a big hot dog fan. He's up to 2 hot dogs at a time. I know, kind of gross, but hey, we go with what works, right? I'm still trying to get him to eat red meat -- he's just not interested. I sometimes wonder how he can be my son -- I mean, you knew my dad, red meat every other night! :) At least he eats shrimp! There's hope for him yet!