Friday, March 27, 2009

Close your eyes!

Today while I was feeding Robbie lunch, he did his cute little cheesy face while chewing and squished his eyelids shut tight in an effort to make me laugh.  Mission accomplished.  

Which got me thinking... Lately when I ask Robbie to identify things or mimic sounds or motions, he surprises me by following my commands.  So I decided to try a little experiment during lunch.

Me: "Robbie, close your eyes... like this!" (Me closing my eyes.)
Robbie - CLOSES HIS EYES!  And we repeated this command and performance several times, just in case it was a fluke.  He seems to recognize the command now even when I don't close my own eyes to prompt him.

Me: "Robbie, where's your hair?"
Robbie - touches his hair (with peas-and-carrots-fingers, lovely lunchtime idea mommy!)

I also think it's amazing that he locates the following things for me when I ask him where they are, either by pointing or just gazing at them: trees, balloon, birds, diaper, socks, toes, tongue, nose, juice, baba, winnie the pooh, blankie, paci, video (when we get in the van for a long-ish ride!), duckie and bath.

Aren't one year olds amazing!?

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Jennifer said...

They truly are! It always amazes me at how fast Tyler catches on to things. They're so smart!