Monday, February 9, 2009

"Not Me" Monday!

It is "Not Me" - and I certainly have a handful of things that I definitely didn't do lately.

I did not stay inside our house all weekend with my little family minus excursions for food, a glue stick, and to drop Robbie off at my mom's house because we are all sharing a nasty cold virus that won't go away.  

I would never try (unsuccessfully, I might add) to encourage my little boy to revert back to 3 naps per day just because I wanted to nap away my own cold.

If my husband were to bring me a box of assorted donuts from Dunkin Donuts, I would not admit that I like the gesture more than I like a boquette of flowers.   Who does that?  Not me.

I have not covered our dining room with my scrapbooking project, and even if I had, I would not have 10 months of catch-up to do in Robbie's album.

I do not wake up at 6:30am every morning now, because that is not when Robbie wakes up.  But if I did, I would totally be a morning person and enjoy it, not looking forward to the morning nap we both take.

I do not contemplate what sort of change in hairstyle or haircut it would take to shorten my entire getting-ready routine to 20 minutes or less.  

I did not use the pregnancy excuse to eat enough for 2 normal sized adults at Panera yesterday.  I know... 'you're eating for two!'  Well, most of what I've read is that that's supposed to mean you drink an extra glass of milk.  Which is where my problem rests - I don't like milk.  So food, it is.

I do not say 'we have the cutest little boy ever!' about 5 times a day to Rob, and believe it with all my heart. That would be slightly annoying.  

I do not silently curse our water heater for only holding enough hot water for a 20-30 minute shower.  That is plenty of time for a normal, if not luxuriously long, shower, and I am never forced to rinse conditioner out of my hair with cold water.

What didn't YOU do this weekend??


Heather Green said...

Scrapbook project? Want to have a scrapbooking day some time soon?

Jennifer said...

I would never hold my son hostage in his highchair by giving him handful after handful of Cheerios just so I could have a couple of uninterrupted minutes to read my dear friend's blog. That would just be cruel and unusual punishment (sort of -- he does love his Cheerios after all!).

I would never go to three different Targets just to try to locate a rattan trunk that I didn't grab off the shelf quick enough before someone else grabbed it this morning. And I certainly wouldn't do all that running around (with no success I might add) at the expense of my precious morning nap with my son. And then, I definitely wouldn't have gotten a frappuccino at Starbucks because I needed the caffeine to stay awake cause I didn't get my nap!