Sunday, November 18, 2007

What happened to Halloween?

I have been looking forward to living in my own house and handing out my own halloween candy for YEARS... and I thought that this year in our new house, with the very kid-friendly neighborhood we live in, we would have trick-or-treaters coming to our doorstep in DROVES. For pete's sake, we live right behind the elementary school. So I bought enough candy to fill the 2 deepest bowls I own, ordered pizza, and waited...

And the doorbell rang MAYBE 5 times all night.

By the time the last little boy came to the doorstep (hardly dressed up, might I add), I was just worried about the 10 pounds of candy I still had left, and told him to take as much as he wanted. The little cutie said to me, "this is why I go at the end of the night - everyone gives you way more candy!" Smart kid.

Well at least Noah and Taite stopped by to say hi, and that was definitely the highlight of the evening! Look at their adorable costumes...

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