Monday, October 4, 2010

Uncle Ryan's Surprise Weekend Visit!

I love to talk about how wonderful Rob is, what a lucky girl I am to have married him, and how thankful I am for who he is. But today I want to tell you a little bit more about what makes Rob so great - his family. And specifically, his brother Ryan.

Ryan lives and works in Philadelphia, and has so much responsibility with his job that between proximity and schedules, we don't get to see him very often. I was thrilled when he texted me a few weeks ago to ask if we were free this weekend (we were!) and quickly booked a flight out. We kept the plans a secret, and Ryan and the kids and I surprised Rob by getting Ryan from the airport and showing up at the park where his train gets in on Friday afternoon.

It was a miracle that Ryan actually made it after all, because he woke up the morning of his flight to find his car completely submerged under water in the parking lot of his apartment complex. His car was totaled by the flood damage, and yet he still managed to get to the airport after spending the morning talking with his insurance company, etc. about what he needed to do before he left for the weekend.

We had fun just playing around the house Friday evening while I made a ham / sweet potato / salad / homemade applesauce dinner. It was a celebratory dinner in more ways than one - Uncle Ryan is here! I want to cook again! We love the fall! The guys went to a local high school football game after dinner while I put the kids to bed.

On Saturday, the weather was looking iffy so we had a big breakfast of cinnamon rolls, eggs, bacon and fruit and watched football while we played with the kids in the family room. The kids napped and by the time they woke up, we were all getting cabin fever. So we ate lunch, bundled up and headed to Sonny Acres for some fresh air, hoping against rain.

Ellie and Uncle Ryan at Sonny Acres.
I have never seen the girl take so quickly to someone she doesn't see very often. Ryan would just get down and play with her or pick her up, and she would eat up the attention! I can't remember her fussing or crying at him all weekend. Everybody loves Uncle Ryan!

Saturday night we ordered pizza in for dinner and probably watched more football, although I don't remember completely (probably due to the food coma).

Sunday morning we went to church together, and heard a really great sermon delivered by World Relief Senior VP of Programs Stephan Bauman. The kids enjoyed their sunday school classes, and when I picked up Ellie her teacher recommended that she be moved up to the next class - walkers! I was surprised, since she has yet to take a confident step on her own. But apparently walking behind a toy gets you booted out of the crawling room. Good thing she has an older brother and knows how to hold her own - I'm a little nervous about moving her to the room of walkers before she can walk!

Sunday lunch was baked ham sandwiches, more applesauce, baked macaroni, chips and pickles (can you tell a pregnant woman is penning this post?!). After lunch Aunt Megan came to visit with us for the rest of the day, and we spent some time at a nearby park in the chilly air and sunshine.

What's a day at the park without some quality time on the swings?

Do children have more devoted uncles than mine? I can't imagine...

He gave it his best shot, but she still isn't buying into the whole walking thing.

Ellie kept running out of steam... poor girl! Catnap on the playground.


Is there anything better than throwing a football around with some of your favorite people as the sun sets on another perfect fall day!?
{If there is, I can't think of it.}

Then daddy discovered that he could jump over Robbie. This entertained us all for quite a while, and Robbie thought it was awesome!

Back home after the park for dinner, a little more playing, baths and bedtime for the kids and lasagna, salad and bread for the big kids. And pumpkin pie with loads of whipped cream, of course.

Sweet Aunt Megan gets cozy with Ellie. Are there 2 prettier girls!?
(Try not to let the folded up cardboard box behind the couch distract you. It's the huge box the kids like to play in and I can't bear to throw it away yet! We like to keep it classy over here.)

We are a lucky bunch.

Thanks again for making time to visit us, Uncle Ryan! This weekend was so special and the kids won't forget it. (If they do, I might have 500 pictures to remind them with later on...) You have a special way of showing them how much you love them and it means so much to Rob and I that you do. You are an important part of our family and we love you so much! (And happy car hunting... ugh!)

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