Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

We only had an hour to go door to door for candy, but sometimes it's not the quantity of time you have together. It's the quality - of friendship and of the way the time is spent. The silent way you make a memory together, swapping your children for hers, laughing about the little idiosyncrasies you see in your kids as they do something new, herding your kids from door to door instructing them to ask strangers for candy. Taking a ridiculous amount of pictures... not because you have anything to prove but everything to lose if you can't recall on your own, one day down the road, the way it feels to be blessed with friendship so near and dear.

"Who wants candy?!"


JR's first halloween! Boo, buddy! 
{nothin' to be scared of with a strong mama like yours}



My favorite from the night {because they're all lined up, being SO GOOD!}:


Look out, Wheaton!

And then we stumbled across more good friends!
{Calla and Ellie}


Jay {with the cleaver - ha!} and Kelsey

 ~ Happy Halloween from our unicorn, princess, super girl, batman, and kitty! ~


Rachel Jones said...

ahhh, they are too cute!!

Jennifer said...

so, so, so, so, SO CUTE!!!

Ritsema said...

What adorable little munchkins and mommas...looks like a fun night for sure!