Wednesday, July 25, 2007

At the Lake House with Brad and Christine (July 13-15)

We had another fun weekend at the Lake House 2 weekends ago, this time with Brad and Christine! Our first mini-vacation with them as newly-weds. Here are some pictures from the weekend...

Kelsey had every piece of 'gear' on that we had in the boat before she went skiing!

"Full body wetsuit?"... "CHECK!"

"Wetsuit jacket?"... "CHECK!"

"Gloves?"... "CHECK!"

"Life vest?"... "CHECK!"

"Sunglasses?"... "CHECK! - I mean, shoot, thanks for warning me." - Every time.

We love you kels!

We always leave our flip flops on the pier when we're out on the boat, but today was a very windy day! When we got back from skiing, Mom and Christine's flip flops had been blown off the pier, and we walked down the shore and found them caught in a nasty mess of seaweed, foam and sludge. Brad proved his love for his new bride by trudging into the slime and retrieving her flip flops for her.

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brad livingston said...


We love reading the blog... we check it all the time!! Thanks for being so good at putting up pictures and other updates!!

Christine (and Brad)