Friday, November 13, 2009

The slow descent into winter

Baby, it's cold outside!

We've just been hanging out over here in the Livingston household, trying to keep warm in our fleece outfits and fuzzy hoodies...

...building forts and discovering the wonderful world of pretzels.

Those of us who are not yet able to get around independently have been desperately trying to roll over, and have come very close!

In between her efforts, she has taken to happily yelling at her toys, her momma, her reflection, anything that appears willing to listen.

Last week Riley came over to play, and she and Robbie wanted to sit in the laundry basket at the same time.  It was fun for the first few minutes, until things spiraled out of control and both kids were begging me to get them out.  Still cute.

And just when we think she couldn't get any sweeter...

...we fall more in love!

Life is good.


kels said...

Ash- All of your new pictures are making me more and more anxious to come home... I'm going to see you all so soon!!

Ellie, don't get any sweeter until I make it back to Wheaton. Your smile melts my heart.

And Robbie - will you let me build a fort with you?! :D I put up your coloring book picture on my fridge and think of you all the time. When did you become such a little boy!?

Love you both so much!
aunt kels

designHER Momma said...

you said it. Life is good. One look into those little faces and it's hard to think anything else...