Sunday, November 22, 2009

As precious as they come

Welcome to the world, Joseph Bradley Larson!

This sweet little bundle was born to our dear friends Jeff and Becky on November 14th.  He was a week overdue, and that extra week of wondering when he would decide to arrive felt so long!

But he is here, and he is ADORABLE!  Rob and I had the opportunity to visit the Larson family yesterday, thanks to my wonderful parents who kept Robbie and Ellie all day for us.  We didn't want to bring any germs at all into the Larson home for obvious reasons, but we're very excited for the day all of our kids can be together!  We anticipate a close bond between Ellie and Joey, just like Robbie and Charlotte have.  (Becky and I like to call our newest additions our 'back up plan'... you know, if for some crazy reason Char and Robbie don't work out!)

One good looking little guy... complete with typical Larson-baby hair!  Love it!

We were so honored when Jeff and Becky asked us to be Joey's Godparents.  We love their children as if they were our own, so this was a no-brainer.  I am still so excited that I am a Godmother to this sweet little boy, I told Becky last night that I'm on a Godmother high!

We had a lot of fun playing with Charlotte during the visit since Joey was cashed out most of the time.  She is just as precious as ever, bringing us all of her toys, letting me read books to her, showing off her jumping and spinning abilities... even rattling off a story or two!  It is awesome to watch her grow and develop.  She and Robbie are going to have a blast the next time they see each other.

I want to keep her for my own.  If I didn't love her parents so much, I might have tried to escape with her.

Uncle Rob gets some quality time with Char.

I had to squeeze them both at once!

As we were getting ready to leave, Char decided to try on my boots.  I think it's a good look - don't you!?

Thanks for the wonderful time together, J, B, C and little J!  We love you so much and miss you already.


Becki said...

Great pics, Ash! I love the pic of you with both kiddos!!

The Larsons said...

We love you guys so much. I was all excited to catch up on Ellie and Robbie's life only to discover this precious entry. I love your pictures (please send them my way! You all mean so much to us and we were grateful for a time to visit with you and Rob yesterday. Is is me or does Char look like she just came in from horse riding in that last pic?! Miss you guys, too!

J, B, C and little J