Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!  
We were blessed to see every member of both of our families, as well as some of our grandparents.  It was a memorable holiday, and I couldn't narrow down the pictures any more than I already did... apologies in advance!

My sweet family on the day before Thanksgiving, when we could all be together to celebrate.
(You can't imagine how difficult it was to get a picture like this!)

My grandpa Bob and grandma Edie drove from Indiana to be with us, which was so special.  We hadn't seen them since the summertime.  They are so sweet, thoughtful, and very much in love which is cute.

Well done, mom.  Our bellies were VERY happy that day.

We surprised Rob's family by walking in the door just an hour before his mom served Thanksgiving dinner, on Thanksgiving day.  We decided in late October that we would fly home to NJ to be with his family - it had been a while (and might be a while again) since we had all been together.  They had no idea we were coming, and upon entering the house I was sure we had given his mom a heart attack.  

The flights were manageable, although the one coming home was more of a challenge.  I think we'll be driving for the next decade of our lives.

It was an awesome visit, and I'll spare you the play-by-play that I really want to type.  The boys are all old enough now to play together, and the girls finally got to meet one another!  Most of the pictures I took were of the cousins playing together - but we got to spend time with Rob's brothers Ryan and Brad, Christine (Brad's wife) and her sister Jessica,  and of course Rob's parents and grandparents.

Robbie adored Nicholas and will forever look up to him, I'm sure...

The no-shirt gang (this is how they spent 90% of the holiday)...
Have you seen a cuter bunch of boys!?!?

Hanging out in the play room together... Nicholas and James had set up the train track just for Robbie!

Nicholas was really into posing (something about the Cars movie?!...).  It was hilarious and he is going to hate us for a very long time when he gets older.  I can still hear him saying "Ca-Chow!"

Sweet little buddies.

Ellie-girl striking a pose... this makes me laugh!

Ellie and cousin Katelin finally meet, and spend the rest of their vacation being photographed together.  We love these little ladies, and think they're just about the sweetest things we've ever seen!

They loved each other so much, they tried to hold hands.

A big-brother, little-sister moment.  Poor girl.

All of the cousins - Thanksgiving 2009.

Thank you so much, Livingstons and DeBlocks, for letting us crash Thanksgiving unannounced!  It was such a special visit and we love you all so much.  


The Larsons said...

Ellie's pose is perfect! I will be sure to show it to Joey when he wakes. :) She is clearly sending him the vibe from Jersey.


the deKorne family said...

I kind of do have an idea how hard it is to get a picture like that, and that one is GORGEOUS! Way to go! Glad you had such a good holiday. :)

Anonymous said...

Ashley, I LOVE your blog...this is my first time looking at it, and you are DEFINITELY a professional--WOW! Such an amazing creative expression of you and your family! You inspire me, haha :) We really should hang out sometime, and you can teach me how you handle world of two kids...have a great Christmas season!