Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve - Part 1

Robbie is our little sponge, and we are having a lot of fun teaching him about Christmas.  He knows who Santa is and what he says... after this morning he knows some of the words to Jingle Bells... and he knows presents are for opening.  But more importantly to us, he knows whose birthday Christmas is ('baby cheese-us!').  Tonight we thought it would be fun to start off celebrating Christmas Eve by baking Jesus a birthday cake.

I poured all the ingredients into the bowl, and he mixed it with the spoon (his favorite kitchen activity)...

Oops.  This is the gene he got from his mother.

Later in the evening he helped me get the cake out of the oven (not really - but he does love my Orka).  Don't worry, this was taken hours after the cake had cooled.

He helped me spread the frosting... and got a lick in there too, don't worry.

And even threw a few sprinkles on.  My little taste tester wasn't about to let the cake have all those pretty sprinkles.  Here he is most likely discussing that candles usually have fire, or that this birthday cake is for Jesus.  It sounded mostly like: "dis-and-dis-and-dis-and-dis", his go-to babbling when he doesn't have the words to use to describe what he's trying to say.

It was a fun tradition to start with him.

And just because I love everything that is going on in this picture...
I asked Robbie to tell Daddy about the cake he had made for Jesus.  Ellie couldn't spin herself around in the exersaucer fast enough, so she just leaned back to listen!

I love my little family...

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