Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy 6 Month Birthday, Ellie!

It seems like I was just posting Ellie's 5 month pictures... since they were late in being put up, it really only has been 2 1/2 weeks!  There haven't been dramatic changes in Ellie's growth this month.  She is as sweet as can be, and the perfect combination of mellow and happily attentive.  She continues to be enamored by her big brother, and the highlight of her day seems to be when he climbs up the side of her crib and hangs over the edge to say good morning to her before I lift her out.  She's all smiles then!

Speaking of the big brother, he is as busy as ever.  I look for every opportunity to lay Ellie on the ground or on her play mat but there are very few safe moments to be found in each day.  For this reason, she has yet to roll over.  I know she'll do things in her own time, but I can't help but feel responsible for the delay!

I can't wait until Ellie is able to tell me what's really on her mind.  She loves to try and talk to me, usually as I'm about to put her to bed.  (What she lacks in physical ability at this point, she makes up for in smarts.)  I am a sucker for her sweet babbling and always linger a few minutes to listen to what she has to say and offer a few of my own 'bah-bah-bahs' and 'le-la-los'.

If anyone sees a resemblance in her to us, please let us know.  We have yet to determine who she looks like!  We LOVE that she is her own little person, though.

Today I was finally able to write again in the journal I've kept for Ellie since we learned of my pregnancy with her.  The last entry in her journal was exactly one week prior to her birth.  What they say about the second child is true.  Less is documented, and life is exponentially busier and more full.  She doesn't even have a 'First Year' calendar like Robbie did!  But I never want this sweet girl to feel less important.  I hope she grows up knowing that she is a precious treasure.

Sweet Elizabeth Suzanne - God's perfect gift to us!


J. said...

In the photo that is, at this moment, your header, I'm struck with how much Robbie looks like you and Ellie looks like her dad, mostly in the eyes.

deblockers said...

Wow I can't believe how different she looks in these six months pictures just since Thanksgiving. Looking forward to seeing her in person so soon. Bring that bow and we can take pictures to send to Elizabeth.

the howards said...

ashley, just catching up on your lives quickly...and thought I'd let you know something I was thinking while I read. Your kids will NEVER wonder if they are loved. Ellie (I am so SURE of this) will never wonder if she is loved less than her big brother. You are an amazing mother. You love Jesus, and I know you are walkiing with him and efectively showing your kids what He is like. And look! You even have time for blogging, and from this small glimpse into your crazy busy life, I know you are being Jesus to them. By this they will know you (and most importantly HE) loves them. (= happy new year!!

ZFam said...

wow! First of all, I can't BELIEVE she is already 6 months! And, she gets cuter by the day! Love all the pictures! You do such a great job keeping up on this blog!!!