Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Don't you just love putting up Christmas decorations!?  I do!  I was so excited to order Ellie's stocking in October - the type A in me (buried someplace deep inside since the babies were born!) could not wait to see all 4 stockings hung by the fireplace in perfect symmetry.  2 green, 2 red!  Dorky... I know.  And yes, those are cinnamon-scented pine cones!  Yum.

I am also celebrating the rebirth of my craftiness.  I wanted Christmas-inspired words to adorn our mantle and still-empty family room wall, but everything I could find was ridiculously priced.

So I made my own.  NOEL for the mantle, and PEACE for the wall.  I'm happy with the outcome!

Here's your quick tutorial:
Purchase the letters from JoAnn Fabrics (pick your font and size, or mix it up like I did) - they are $2.99 - $3.99 per letter, depending on size.  The ones I like best are lightweight and they are paper-bag brown in color.  Not sure what the material is - something similar to paper mache?  Then head to the acrylic paint aisle and choose a color.  I chose a metallic silver/bronze and it really adds depth to go with a metallic finish.  Usually in the same aisle you can find a paint brush (if you don't have a small one) that is about half the size of the planes of your letters, for easy paint application.  Go home, lay newspaper under the letters and paint the front and sides of the letters.  2 coats is best, but skip the back.  In less than 10 minutes, the letters will be dry.  Apply 2 or 3 3M tabs (the kind that don't take the paint off or leave residue behind - they're strong enough for the task) to the back of the letters and position on the wall.  Or, skip the tabs and lean the letters on your mantle or shelf!  It's as easy as that.

Last year my mom helped me with a more ambitious undertaking.  We found a great 2-D picture of Santa and projected it onto a 3 foot square canvas.  We outlined the image with pencil, turned the projector off, and filled in the drawing with grey acrylic paint.  This always hangs in our dining room at Christmas time now!

I love adding to my Christmas decorations each year in ways that are affordable, creative and personal.  

And just because he looks like Christmas cheer itself, a picture of the big guy eating lunch the other day by the glow of our indoor twinkle lights!

We enjoy wearing our Christmas pj's all month.  And sometimes all day long. 

Enjoy this festive month!!


the deKorne family said...

SO cute! Love your creative stuff! Looks wonderful....and we agree about all day pj's. :)

the deKorne family said...

SO cute! Love your creative stuff! Looks wonderful....and we agree about all day pj's. :)

ZFam said...

So fun! you make me feel like being crafty....thanks=)

Dave, Ninny and Isla said...

Your mantle looks awesome! Way to go on making your own wall art. Totally inspiring.

Rebekah Wallace said...

hi ashley! I have been lurking around here for awhile now and LOVE your perspective and creativity! thanks for sharing...your music is always lovely on here as well!

Jennifer said...

Your Christmas decorations are beautiful! You always do such a nice job. I really like your self made decorations, too. Adds that special personal touch that you (and your Mom) are so good at. We on board with the all day pjs, too. :)