Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Challenge #682

On a good morning, Robbie and Ellie wake up almost simultaneously.  Amazingly enough, this happens roughly 90% of the time.  I kid you not.  (True story, they also usually have poopy diapers within minutes of each other, but that's another post for another day. Or not.)

However, 10% of the time I find myself sprinting up and down the stairs in an attempt to not leave either child unattended for any amount of time while they are awake and a danger to themselves.  (Thank you, those of you who have 2+ kids and are laughing at the impossibility of this.)

Today, Robbie got up first.  I got him changed and we had waffles for breakfast while Ellie snoozed a little longer than usual.  When she woke up, Robbie was contentedly playing in the family room and seemed distracted enough.  I quietly bolted up the stairs and snatched a diaper, wipes, and a change of clothes along with Ellie herself and safely (but quickly) made my way back downstairs.

Well, whaddayaknow.  In the 10 seconds I was gone, Hambone found the maple syrup.  AND popped the cap open, poured it out onto the table, which dripped onto the floor, and was scooping it up with his hands like it was the last few drips of water on the face of this planet.

"What do they put in this stuff...?  I can't get enough of it."

Possibly what he does in his dreams?

Caught red-handed.  And looking very remorseful.

Not one to let food go to waste... a few drips are spotted on the floor.

Mom should probably have put an end to this activity right around now.  Instead, she continues to snap off shots like any good blogger-mommy would.

A boy and his (butter rich) syrup - saccharine overload in every sense.


the deKorne family said...

1. I also buy butter rich syrup. :)
(but the light, so that makes it ok!)
2. So cute! At least it made for a good story. :) One of my kids is usually unattended for a fair amount of time each day! They will be tougher. (and i agree about the diapers, weird, but efficient! especially right now when getting on the floor is not pretty!)

Jennifer said...

too funny!

mrs. bland said...

HILARIOUS!!! I cracked up at each and every picture on this post... He's just so cute and innocent- you can hardly get mad, hah? :)