Monday, December 7, 2009

167 Days...

Dear Ellie:

It has been 167 days since the day of your birth.  (I needed to post this sooner - I'm sorry!)  Every one of those days has been a gift from God, as you have brought so much joy and happiness into our home with your sweet disposition and beautiful smiles.

It's starting to feel normal - to wake up and know that I have not only a son, but a daughter.  But the notion that I am your mother, and completely responsible for your little self and very life... it is overwhelming every time I stop and consider what a high calling this is.  To be your mom.

You have grown a lot this month - you are trying to sit up on your own, and you continue to explore the wonder of your voice.  You are beginning to really love (and anticipate!) bath time, and you get excited if I simply walk into your bathroom while holding you.

You are very aware of your surroundings; you watch your Daddy from across the room and beam at him when he looks over at you.  He can't resist your charms, and always comes over to hold or play with you if you seem to want his attention.  My favorite continues to be your flirty eye-batting.  Oh the boys' hearts you are going to break...!

We took you on a special trip this month to New Jersey for Thanksgiving - your first plane ride!  You also got to meet your cousin Katelin DeBlock for the first time.  The two of you are just 3 weeks apart, and you each have older brothers.  It will be a special relationship for you.

Your big brother Robbie seems to enjoy figuring out his new role with relationship to you.  He often comes over to me when I am feeding you and holds on to your bottle, helping with the task.  He thinks it's really fun to get close to your face and smile his big cheesy smile at you, which never fails to make you happy.  And he enjoys 'talking' with you - saying "Ha ha ha!" and hearing you repeat him.  I try very hard to cultivate your sibling relationship and help foster a strong bond of love between the two of you without forcing you together.  I know in the future you will not always get along with each other - but I hope and pray that you always love one another deeply.

Ellie, our prayer for you is that you will grow up knowing who God is, that you would develop a sincere love for Him as a little girl, giving your life over to Him freely and joyfully, that you would listen for and come to recognize His voice, and that the call He places on your life would be one that brings Him glory and honor and one that you live out wholeheartedly.  

Yeah, we want a lot for you!  (It's our job.)

It is such a privilege to pray for you, nurture you, watch you grow and develop, and enjoy your sweet little self as your personality unfolds each day.

You are a blessing little Elizabeth Suzanne.  One we do not deserve but are so very thankful for.

Happy 5 month birthday!


Parker said...

that was really sweet. and about made me cry. I love the part where you say that you might not always get along, but hope that you love one another deeply! oh..and the part where she is a that is not deserved. It is so true, and God is so good. She is a sweet little girl! :)

ZFam said...

that was the sweetest post...along with the most beautiful pictures! loved it!

Jennifer said...

Ellie, you are the most beautiful, sweetest little girl! We love you!!!