Sunday, December 13, 2009

And then I learned that today was Sunday

If you are thinking about having kids 15 1/2 months apart, might I recommend viewing this collage prior to making your final decision?  (Click to enlarge.  Trust me, you want to do this.)

This is very symbolic of what life is like for me right now.  It's WONDERFUL.  Full of laughs, matching pj's (the kids, not me - don't worry), and juice cups perched in curious places - can you find it!?  But it's also a little crazy.  

Today I told my brother in law that I'd put a check in the mail to him... "on Monday, of course, since tomorrow is Sunday".  Today is Sunday.

I have burned 5 things in the oven on separate occasions in the last week or so.  I NEVER burn things in the oven!  And yet somehow I keep forgetting to check if the oven dial is set to "Bake" or "Broil".  Curse that Broil notch, and why isn't it twice as big and neon orange? 

So now don't you want to forgive me for slacking on the blog?  I thought so.

I will say that somehow, I have managed to get the Christmas tree up and decorated (only the top half... this year the bottom is empty for obvious reasons!), make a batch of sugar cookies with my mom's help, nearly completed our Christmas shopping (thanks to the kids napping for 2 hours at the same time today and Rob being willing to stay behind in case they woke up), mailed out our Christmas cards, and remembered to purchase AND wash the kids' Christmas Eve gifts (what else, matching pj's).  In my spare time this weekend I also cleaned out the pantry, top of the fridge, and our candy cabinet.  That's right, we have a cabinet devoted to candy, popcorn and cookies.  I have no idea why, since we rarely open it - I have a hard time throwing this stuff out even if we don't really eat it, it keeps so well (gross).  What we DO eat are the fresh baked treats that are usually on the cake stand on the counter. But I digress... my point is that aside from keeping 2 small children alive, clothed, fed and relatively happy every day, I AM managing a small level of productivity on the side.

And since I think that last paragraph was more for me than you, I'm heading to bed.  Here's to hoping you have the days of the week straight.  And if you don't, that you have as happy a reason as I do for not being right in the head! 


Jennifer said...

Ashley, so sorry I haven't written any comments lately. I've been following along with all of your posts but am just now getting a few minutes to actually write some comments!

I absolutely LOVE this post!!! I love it because...
- your kids are adorable and I always love seeing pictures of their cuteness
- of the photo collage (even though I couldn't get it to enlarge -- not sure what I'm doing wrong) cause I love seeing you in action -- you are SUCH an AMAZING mom and it's so fun to see you loving on your kids
- I am in awe of all you accomplished in just one week! If only I could get my act together and get just half of that list accomplished!
- I love that you forgot it was Sunday -- I do that all of the time so I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one! Selfish of me, I know, but still comforting! :)

Have a WONDERFUL week with your kiddos mommy!

Kendra said...

Can I just say that you are amazing?! Wow, I can't believe all you get done. I have much to aspire toward! :)

Kels said...

Ash, I think this is one of the sweetest posts I've read. After everything you wrote, the picture of Robbie at the end tells all. Look at that smile! (I would say a little ornery... but also full of joy - that's what you are doing these days! Breathing life into Robbie and Ellie. It's incredible). Your perspective of staying at home with the lil' ones couldn't be more sincere; I can't begin to explain how I admire your willingness to put anything aside for the sake of Rob, Robbie, and Ellie. I don't tell you this often enough!

Love you much! 2 days & counting... ;)