Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 is looking good...

We ushered in the New Year in style - tucked into our warm beds.  Midnight has long since lost its glittery appeal the day it became a regular feeding time almost 2 years ago.  Lately we've done our best to stay indoors, safe from the snow, H1N1 virus, and other gems winter has to offer those of us with small babies.

Shiny new Christmas gifts keep us entertained...
(Enjoy the background of this picture, which happened to be taken the morning after our 16 hour drive home from NJ!  Yes, we had quite a lot of unpacking and cleaning up to do.)

Fun times on the play mat, with toys resting on her face!

A boy and his fire truck... Good Subject Matter 101.

We have also boycotted KidSnips in our present hibernation, and are working the curls.

My favorite picture to date of Rob and Robbie

Ellie has decided to grow up all of the sudden.  I found her like this the first day we got back from our travels.  Admittedly, Rob and I were tired and not keeping a very close eye on the kids.  I'm outing myself.

Hijacking Robbie's sippy cup...

On Sunday - first taste of Oatmeal!

And sadly, she was introduced to prunes today after crying through a firm poopy diaper.

She was really disappointed that her first real food (aside from oatmeal) was sweet prunes.  Can't you tell?  That sweet little tongue licking every last drop off of her upper lip just screams 'Torture! Make it stop!'  :)

All sorts of new things to explore (read: suck on).

After this first feeding in Robbie's old high chair (ha, 'old'... we retired it just a few months ago!), I decided it needed another good scrubbing.  I spent about an hour with a hot wash cloth, magic eraser, and toothpicks and cleaned and picked out every crumb and piece of dried goo I could find.

Robbie has shown signs of being much more aware of his little sister and her permanent place in our family.  For the most part he simply plays around her.  Occasionally he will give her love or shove a paci in her mouth.  He yells 'bottle!' when she cries, just in case I have forgotten what she might be needing that has her so upset.  And we are now entering the phase where he wants to do, play with, and eat whatever she is doing/playing/eating.

Exhibit A: the exersaucer.

But mom, don't I look so cute in it?!

Exhibit B:  Ellie's feedings

He begged me for a "TASTE!" of Ellie's prunes, so I gave him a spoonful.  He called it "soup", which I thought was funny since baby food IS runny and soupy.  But he could not stand that she was eating something that I hadn't offered to him as well!

It will be interesting trying to keep these 2 entertained for the next few months until spring comes!


the deKorne family said...

They are so precious! Oh my goodness! Crazy how big they are BOTH getting! The good thing about driving is that you can pack in laundry baskets and throw stuff in. :) We are about to make our 22 hour trek home, not looking forward to it! Glad you have had such a good holiday. I'm sad that when Spring is finally around the corner I will be trapped inside AGAIN! Good reason though....

designHER Momma said...

looks like you all are doing exceptionally well! And your pics are fantastic!

Dave, Ninny and Isla said...

I love the prune picture of Ellie. Don't you just want to freeze them in the unbelievably cute stages? Isla is going through a screaming phase. I'm hoping to fast forward to the sweet phase. You guys make beautiful babies :)