Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My parents are going to kill me

I forget how I acquired these photos, but they've been sitting on our desktop just waiting for a blog-lull such as the one I'm in.  

I'm the first born in our family, and it's a good thing because a) I was NOT a cute baby! and my brother and sister were the absolute CUTEST babies and little kids you've ever seen, b) I was a HUGE baby, and c) photos were more of a luxury than an everyday occurrence.  Therefore, there are less photos of me as a little one than I took of either of my kids while we were still in the hospital!  I'm not complaining.

But what we do have... wow.  This one's a keeper.  
My poor mom was probably trying to get a first family picture.
*Update: My dad is holding a metal Owl.

And I like to call this one  "Giant baby in a red sleep sack".

Have a happy Wednesday!


Jennifer said...

Cute pictures! Your parents look so young! What is your Dad holding in the first picture? And, it's crazy how much you look just like your Mom in the second picture. You are both beautiful women!!!

The Larsons said...

Love them! What a sweet smile in your fashionable red sack!

deblockers said...

Love, Love, Love the new picture of Robbie by the window!!

rachel said...

ha! that's what I remember you parents looking like! why do I think I even recognize the owl? was that when we lived next door to each other? maybe that was later... wow. I'm having a flood of memories from being really little with you! crazy! :0)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I will have to get you back for publishing that photo. Not only were photos expensive, but clothes were too. I made that outfit I had on. Now you know why you grew up in sleep sacks.