Monday, August 2, 2010

Snacking 101

Robbie has been helping out a lot lately in the kitchen. (I'm raising him right! Haha)

Last week, I let him make pistachio pudding mostly by himself. It turned out to be less appetizing than I remembered from eating it as a kid, and he wouldn't touch it with his spoon! He kept looking at it after it had set in small bowls, asking "Wha's daaaat?!" with an upturned nose. But he had a lot of fun mixing everything up and 'cooking' with limited mommy-assistance.

Next up we tried out our new popcorn maker, which I scored on sale at Kohl's. We are giving up microwave popcorn because of the chemicals that are transfered from the bag to the popcorn in the popping process. I have learned that adding butter (as shown) does not improve the taste, so we will not be doing that again. Sticking with salt, at least for my bowl.

Clearly, another fun experience for my little man.

Enjoying his homemade snack with, what else, a book. :)

(Yet another reason he seems to be a carbon copy of his daddy and his Papa Livingston, fellow popcorn lovers and avid readers.)


The Moser Fam... said...

You made me hungry for some popcorn! Robbie is adorable eating his popcorn and doing a little reading! :)

noahpaul said...

cute post! we have that same mixing bowl, I love it! we might have to try a popcorn popper like that too, I think the boys would have fun with that, and Adam=)

Lindsey said...

I love that Robbie is so handy in the kitchen! I'm looking forward to making snacks with JP. I love that he enjoys a good book over his snack.