Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To infinity

At Robbie's last checkup with the pediatrician, she mentioned that it was time to ditch the paci's in light of the fact that a.) he is old enough to go without them, and b.) they are starting to push his teeth forward. After that trip, Robbie was only allowed to have paci's in bed during naps and bedtime.

I have been dreading taking them away completely, but decided that it was time. So yesterday, we picked out a special toy at Target that Robbie could trade his paci's in for. He picked out Buzz Lightyear, and we left him in the box all day until daddy came home from work. We really talked up the idea of the trade, and at naptime I reminded Robbie that this would be the last time he would sleep with his paci's. (I think it's fair to let kids know what is going to happen.)

Daddy came home, we had dinner, and after Ellie went to bed we made the big trade. Buzz was a hit, of course. And there was only a slight lip quiver when we headed to bed and denied Robbie his beloved paci as we put him to sleep. I asked him if he wanted to sleep with Buzz instead, and he said no, he could sit on the bookshelf and watch him sleep! Ha.

I watched him in the monitor, expecting tears and protests. Nothing. I am telling you, this little boy is the sweetest thing. He just tossed and turned for a while, and then fell asleep. I couldn't believe it! I have been dreading this since we realized he had a love affair with paci's.

I wish I had recorded his playtime last night with Buzz. At one point, he pressed a button that made Buzz talk, and after staring at him in amazement, he said "COOL!". Then, after pushing the button to flip Buzz's wings out, he yelled "That's AWESOME!". What!? Where is my baby boy!?

And as we made the trip up the stairs to bed, I heard him whispering "Buzz is favorite. I love you Buzz!", and saw him plant a kiss on Buzz's plastic face.

Nice - we just sent paci's to infinity. And beyond. Thanks, Buzz Lightyear, for the help!


Lindsey said...

Such a great story! I am dreading having to part with the paci too! I'm so glad that the transition for paci to Buzz was smooth!

The Larsons said...

Proud of the little buddy! He looks SO old! Ah, we need to see you.


Nicki said...

Wow, that went really smoothly for him! I'm always afraid to try to take something like that away from kids... it seems like they get so emotionally attached to their things! But your little dude handled it like a pro.

Jennifer said...

SO cute!!! :)

Ben and Erin said...

I remember dreading taking Clare's pacifier away too. We took it away right around her 2nd birthday. We sent ours to a baby friend who "needed" them. :) She did great too. I think we had one fit of crying b/c she was used to having her pacifier to sleep, but after that we had no problems. It's amazing how much you dread taking it away and then it goes fine. I'm glad it worked that way for you guys and Robbie too! :) I love your stories about his play time with Buzz too. So sweet.

Tutu Lovely said...

LOVE the picture of him staring at Buzz. Buzz is the best : )