Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where did my glam go?

This morning it was time to rotate my shampoo and conditioner. The ladies who are reading this know what I am talking about - when the kind you've been using for the last few months seems to be losing its effect? So I dug through my product bin (ok, one of my product bins) for a half used bottle of shampoo and hoped for a matching bottle of conditioner. Bingo.

It wasn't until I was lathering my hair in the shower that I noticed which bottle I had chosen.

Blond Glam.

Which immediately made me laugh out loud.
(So THAT is where my glam has gone for the last year or two.)

I think with one kid, it's still semi-possible to pull off put-together. With two, it takes effort and alone time while getting ready.

But with 2 ages 2 and 1? I would like to contend that it's nearly impossible. The concept of alone time while getting ready is something I have stopped pining for.


And these are the deep thoughts rolling around in my head today. Happy first day of September - which in my mind kind of marks the first day of Fall. I celebrated with a pumpkin spice latte (oh yes I did!) and we drove through the Arboretum with the windows down, taking in the sweet smell of last night's rain. I am so excited for jeans and sweatshirts and long walks in the chilly air. We are on the cusp of the best season of the year. I just might have to celebrate by doing my hair AND makeup one morning this week.


Also, contributing to my inability to send summer out looking glamorous is this sick little lady. Within 24 hours of playing in the church nursery on Sunday she came down with hand foot and mouth (and a double ear infection, which I won't blame them for). I keep telling myself that at least no one's vomiting - that is the absolute worst in my book. But the poor thing is refusing solid food, wincing as she eats yogurt and jello, and moans all night long. We feel horrible for our sick little lady. How is it that she still rocks that darling look with broken sleep and open sores in her mouth!? (My hero.) ;)


Abby said...

I'm finally finding my "glam" that my "baby" is 3.5 :) Rest assured, better days are ahead. Days when you'll have 5 minutes to rub together to do hair/makeup (if you're quick) while the kiddos are eating breakfast. I'm finally able to have hair with a STYLE! Ha!
I'm with you on welcoming fall with open arms. Best. Season. Ever.
Hope sweet Ellie gets better soon!

Jennifer said...

Happy Fall! :)

I was SO excited to see that pumpkin spice is back on the menu at SBUX. I celebrated with a pumpkin spice frappuccino. I can't wait until it gets colder so I can have the latte. Hopefully we'll have 1 cold day before the end of the year! :)

Poor little Ellie. I hope she feels better soon. Think she'd like a smoothie? She's so cute -- even when sick!

Ben and Erin said...

Ugh!! Clare got hand, foot, and mouth a couple of years ago and I got it from her. It was horrible for both of us! I feel so bad for sweet little Ellie. I hope she is feeling better and no one else in your house gets it. Like you said though, she is still just a doll--sick and all. :)

Dave, Ninny and Isla said...

Poor bebe! Isla got hand, foot and mouth from one of her cousins. They all had it at the same time and it was so sad. She still looks darling, just like her momma. You've still got the glam girl :)

Allie said...

Hi Ashley! It was nice to see you the other day at FG! I went to look for you on FB, couldn't find you, and remembered your blog address. I hope you've enjoyed your summer, I'm sorry we never scheduled a raincheck on our playdate. I'm sorry I didn't chat more at the salon, I got kind of flummoxed when I saw you bc I'd been chatting away with Amanda about being pregnant and hadn't really let the cat out of the bag yet publicly. :) Why is it that it's so easy to share with strangers, but not the rest of your world? ;) Anyway, hope to see you at the playground one of these early evenings! Hope you are well and hope Ellie is back to 100% healthy. xoxo, Allie