Tuesday, September 21, 2010


All this box needs is some packing peanuts and postage to New Jersey. :)

They've found that it's fun to hold hands in between the car seats in the car and also in their booster seats at the kitchen table. Why not show your affection in the box as well?

I may leave this huge ugly box in our family room for a while. It's like having a (slightly negligent) babysitter.


RyanLaurenAbby said...

Abby and Joshua have wanted to hold hands in the car for a LONG time, too, but can't reach quite yet so they are happy to just touch feet right now!!! We used Ryan's car the other day and they were sooooo excited that they were much closer to eachother and could hold hands! LOVE the brother/sister relationship!

the deKorne family said...

Adorable! I love box babysitters. Also: laundry baskets and under the kitchen table. :) Ellie is really looking older! SO beautiful!

The Larsons said...

Oh Ellie, you are looking way too old for me. Please slow down, so that you are not a full blown toddler by the time I see you. Darling pictures. We miss you all so much! Can't wait for our get together in Wauconda!

B, C and JB

Bjorn and Trisha Olsen said...

These pictures are adorable! I love that they love to hold hands! That is precious! And..I see that you are expecting!?!?!?!?!?!?! YAHOO!!! Congrats friend...congrats! :)