Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I have been over here a lot lately, having my heart broken for the poor. I think what Compassion International has been doing through the trips they lead is just amazing. I have 'followed' 3 different bloggers who are well known in the Christian (online) community as they have traveled with Compassion groups to various countries (India, Guatemala and El Salvador) in the last year. And every time they have gone and written about their trip each day on their individual and already-established blogs, I feel more burdened for the poor and have a growing desire to get more involved in what God is doing around the world.

But Ann's experience and writings have just shattered me. I think you'll be as moved as I was if you go back to the post right before she leaves on her trip (found here) and read each post she's written since. If you don't have the time though, be sure to at least read her latest post (you can click here to get to it).

Oh my. How can we not be changed by this?

The words that undid me...


Do the eyes of God see extravagant wealth in Guatemalan shanty towns, these desperate hands clinging to Him like a belt wrapped around the waist, their hands full of the treasure of Him — do the richest live here, and I just can’t see?

Do the eyes of God see sickening poverty in the manicured burbs of the impoverished self-sufficiency of Atlanta —
do we live the lives of lack, so full of ourselves and our stuff that we aren’t ravished for God?

Where’s the real pit?



The Samsons said...

great post. the words at the end are touching (and convicting).

Michelle said...

Ann's posts cracked me wide open. I am forever changed.