Saturday, February 26, 2011

Elle-Belle (lately)

One thing is for sure. We are in love with our little girl and as her personality continues to unfold, we can't help but be charmed by her as well.

Not afraid of a little manual labor. Who needs snow in order to shovel?

This past week she made good use of my enormous baby belly and turned it into her personal footrest during diaper changes. I give her points for creativity. Cute, but less so when she decides to throw a fit and delivers a swift kick to my tender bump. I have to note that she constantly asks to see my belly by walking up to me and saying over and over "bellybellybellybellybelly" while tugging on my shirt until I bare my belly for her! She then proceeds to either gently pat it, kiss it, or just stare at it in wonder and exclaim "BELLY!". On her more mischievous days she'll try to sneak in a quick swat or two, and when I ask her to stop and firmly tell her 'no no', she gets this hilarious evil grin on her face and chuckles. Oh dear.

First, these are the best pigtails I've ever accomplished on her! It was a good hair day, and if you know Ellie you know her hair has a mind of its own right now. She really hates for me to put the pigtails in, but once they're there she forgets about them.

Second, this is how I occupy her if I need to get ready in the morning. She loves to mimic every step of my morning routine (brush teeth, hair, and makeup) and feels so special when I open up my makeup bag and let her have free reign. And yes, she knows what to do with all of the different brushes. That's my girl. ;)

Gaah. Aunt Megan took this one with her phone and I could just eat her up! She adores this kitty cat hat and begs me to put it on her all the time.

This was a few weeks ago - I didn't mean to pair such a wild coat with her oversized flower hat, but as we walked out the door it's just sort of what fell together. I'm all for a cute or sassy piece of clothing or accessory, but we tend to dress a little more quietly than this on any given day. In the car, she added the sunglasses as her own accessory of choice.

Too much??

So many reasons to love this little girl! She definitely makes us laugh.


Abby said...

Love to see their little personalities come out :) And I just LOVE pigtails at that stick-straight-out stage! Ashlyn's hair is so long now and it's just not the same. And that "loud" outfit--too cute! She totally rocks it :)

The Larsons said...

Love this gal! I love watching their own personal style develop. It was so good to see her yesterday, and we can't wait to spend more time with you all in March!

kacey said...

such a doll :) great pics! love the one of her applying your make-up. hope to have another playdate soon!

Jennifer said...

Ashley, she is just ADORABLE!!! You guys are so blessed to have such a wonderful little girl. I just can't get enough of her! :)

Ben and Erin said...

What a sweet post, Ashley. Your little Ellie is just a doll. Precious pictures! Hope you are feeling well too. Only a few weeks to go! :)

Lindsey said...

Ellie is adorable; I love this age. They are getting so witty. I love that she's so intrigued by your belly. Hope you are feeling well!

Dave, Ninny and Isla said...

Sweet girl! I love the make-up picture. Isla does the same thing, except she usually ends up opening an eye shadow or three that she's not supposed to :) Hope you are feeling good in your final weeks. We are praying for you and your new little one. xoxox