Thursday, June 21, 2012

And then I crashed Blogger with my June-thus-far update

Sweet Summer!

And the ages the kids are at - we can get out and enjoy the days so much more easily than last year. Hooray for no nursing infants - traded her in for a walking-everywhere toddler and a 4 and almost 3 year old who are (most of the time) obedient enough to cart all over town.

Stole this picture idea from my friend Carly - first visit to Northside Pool of the summer!
We have since ditched the floaties.

Don't be fooled - she does not like to be held at the pool. I chase her around, trying to keep her from (often successfully) putting her whole face in the water, scooping her up as she tries to run away from me in the shallow end and always trips and needs rescuing before going under, etc. 
She's my biggest water baby - loves the pool and the splash park more than any other kid there!

Weekends are for eating out. 

They're also good for splitting the kids up and doing something different - like running errands and hitting the french market with just my baby. Driving with the windows down and MY music turned up. In Rob's car, which used to be mine before we had kids. I'm still 27, right? Riiiight... 

Robbie and Ellie went on a date with Daddy to see Madagascar 3!

A typical scene on Saturday or Sunday afternoon - Rob and I are beat, but there's always a kid who's awake!

Waking up grumpy from a nap. 8 teeth in, 9th one popping through, and it's a doozy of a molar. 
Not fun.

Beat. Taking a nap with Mom.

One Saturday we ventured to the other pool in town, Rice, with Daddy. It's huge, and the kids' area is not at all as easy to manage or contain children in as Northside. Therefore, I do not dare to go alone. We met friends that afternoon and packed a picnic dinner. So much fun!

The sister bond is growing stronger at a rapid rate right now. Ellie cried out one day, in a moment of sadness and pain after falling down, "I NEED MADDIEEEEEEEEEE!". Apparently Maddie is a source of comfort for her now. If that's not cute, I don't know what is.

Getting her poke on.
Maddie's poor belly.

Growth spurt - Ellie is getting taller and I can see her sweet frame getting more narrow as a result. I am kissing what's left of her belly double time now! 

Sunday nap. Robbie is a total stalker-paparazzi with my cell phone. I just found this picture tonight from weeks ago! Stinker was supposed to be sleeping next to me.

At our buddy James' birthday party. He turned 5 and had so many fun super hero and star wars dress ups at his party. Ellie wanted to see what all the fuss among the boys was about.

Robbie and another little girl at the party. This tickles my funny bone. 

Summertime is good for last-minute family dinners at 5 guys and frozen yogurt afterwards. 

There's a lot of love in this shot.

Strolling the streets of downtown Naperville with friends who are up for anything - new favorite past time!

Can you tell how much he loves Kacey!?

Little lady was content to hang out in the stroller. I know these days are numbered.

Sweet Sav was on the move all night! Here she raids her mother's purse for cash. You can be charmed, but don't be fooled by the big eyes, innocent open mouth and angelic coif. She's as smart as they come.

Summertime is good for friends who are neighbors coming over for an hour to kill the hardest hour of the day - the one before the dads come home from work! 
Fun in boxes.

And in dress ups and goggles. 
Kacey and I laughed long and hard over this one. 

One day we walked up and down every block of downtown Wheaton - and saved the day, of course. (Robbie declared it 'Superhero' day, and requested that Maddie wear her bat-baby shirt too.)

Have I mentioned we love the pool? You can find us there most days after naps from about 3-5!
Typically with Fal-Fal and her entourage.

Warm summer mornings are good for snuggles in pajamas. And puffy eyes from all the fun and sun the day before.

Sometimes we go straight from bed to breakfast table to backyard without missing a beat. The mornings are so tolerable, temperature wise! And the play houses in the backyard are new favorite places.

One Saturday I took the older 2 over to the French Market. Not as successful of a trip as when I pushed Maddie along in the stroller - it was hot and little legs wear out quickly. A donut and a bag of popcorn was all we managed to gather before heading home with smoothies. On our way to the car I tried to get the kids to stop by this great brick wall for a picture. Ellie complied, but Robbie may have said, just after I took this picture, "I don't love you anymore, Mom." Haha! Ok, crabby pants. Photoshoot: over.

We wrap up most days with a group shower. It's just easier and quicker, and they love it. 

Trying out new hairstyles.

Dinner out (again).

Walking to ice cream at Tate's afterwards.

Somebody conned his way into a shoulder ride. I snapped this picture on the same corner we watched his first 4th of July parade from. He was only 16 months old then! And now he's 4... and still riding Daddy's shoulders.

Little love giving me a smooch as we walked.

She got her turn on the way back to the car. And might have had a leaky poopy diaper that we didn't know about until it was too late. Good times.

Daddy found this worm while he was doing yard work and Robbie was the only other person brave enough to hold it. I threw up a little in my mouth.

Fun in the backyard.

Her coordination and bravery are both growing. She is one determined little girl.

Made it to the top and inside all by herself. She turned around to look at me, smiled, and started clapping for herself. Well done, little one.

Father's Day at Benihana's...

The kids tasted everything and ate nearly all they were served. Their behavior was off the charts stellar. It made for a very fun, memorable evening!

(Ramiro, a good time)

He took his chef's hat very seriously and wore it all through dinner.

Guess who loves rice!?

Mastering his (kids) chopsticks.

Mastering, not so much. But she figured out how to prop her mouth open, hands-free, with her kids-rigged chopsticks. Points for creativity, honey. And for quietly entertaining yourself for 10 minutes.

This is seriously how he ate his entire meal. Even the rice! No fork.

Post-dinner playtime outside the restaurant.

Also titled, "I am so blessed."

My dad got a kick out of Maddie's walking and her curiosity and independence.

Babycakes! This seersucker bubble suit with little alligators on it was my favorite resale shop find this season. It is so HER.

And finally, summers are good for fresh strawberries. The kind the size of grapes that still have the stems. The kind you know are going to taste amazing and real, because they were picked in Michigan and brought straight to your door by a sweet friend.
Thank you, sweet friend!


Jennifer said...

oh, wow! where to even start?!! i LOVE your sweet family! already so many wonderful summer memories! i was "ooing" and "awwing" and smiling the entire first half and then when i hit the brick wall picture and commentary it was all "laughing so hard i was crying". love ellie's shoulder ride story...classic! :)

Lindsey said...

Ahh, looks like a wonderful summer! You are taking it in and the kids look like they are enjoying every minute of their time outside!

kacey said...

i was patiently waiting for this post.... summer's goooooood!