Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Month of December - Part 5

Did I tell you about the time that we went to the doctor for flu shots, and while Maddie was having her ears checked to make sure her tubes were still in, Robbie decided to jab a sucker stick up Ellie's nose? 

Well, that happened. Out of the corner of my eye, as I held Maddie on the exam table, I saw Robbie quickly (and without warning) poke the stick up Ellie's nose, and as soon as Ellie jerked back and put her hands up to her face, blood started to pour out of her nose. 

It was awful. I was mortified, both kids were crying at the top of their lungs (one in pain, one afraid of what he had just done to his sister), and my lovely pediatrician had witnessed it all. Luckily she has 3 young children of her own, two of which are boys, which was my SALVATION. She very calmly told Ellie to pinch her nose, grabbed a few tissues, and said "well I can examine her nose right now! At least it happened here!". One peek inside and she said it looked like a simple scrape, nothing serious. So we stopped the blood from flowing, calmed the kids down, finished Maddie's exam, and called the nurses in.

And then the real fun started.

Vaccines were pulled out, and we decided that Robbie would go first because he does the worst with shots. You would have thought we were coming at him with a rusty chain saw... my boy was in a total panic, crying and screaming and clawing us away. It took 3 of us to hold him down, shimmy his pants down and get the shot in his leg. 

Then Ellie was next, and after having witnessed the scene her brother made and having just barely recovered from being poked in the nose with a sucker stick, I thought "this couldn't possibly go well." She surprised us by calmly pulling down her pants to expose her little thigh, and as I held her arms in a bear hug, she flinched when the shot went in and was so brave her lip didn't even quiver! Her leg was sore and she whimpered a little a few minutes later, but she totally surprised me. 

Maddie was a champ, but cried after the shot was over, and after thanking the nurses for being so patient with all of us and closing the door behind them, I gathered my falling-apart-kiddos and snapped a pic for the old blog. Everyone was crying and licking their (various) wounds.

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Rachel Jones said...

Oh my goodness - maybe I wont do a combined Dr visit in February since Lucy is always a mess there as it is.....
Wow, what a day for you!!!