Saturday, January 26, 2013

The month of December - part 7

We have 2 kiddos in preschool, so this year we got to enjoy 2 preschool christmas programs! Oh my word, this is one of the best parts of being a mother around the holidays. There is something so fun about dressing up in red and green and singing carols and watching shy children act out the story of Jesus' birth. Precious, all of it.

My mom joined me for Ellie's special Christmas program day...

 One of Ellie's teachers, Mrs. Teune

 Mrs. Erickson, preschool director, lighting a birthday cake for Jesus

 Grammar School mothers, now grandmothers! 

Then it was Robbie's turn - his program was much more involved this year. My mom, sister Kelsey and Kelsey's roommate all came to enjoy the morning with me. We also invited our friends the Brusts to come, and they did! Carly (my friend) homeschools her oldest, Calla, who is a little older than Robbie. I knew they would be missing out on the whole preschool-christmas-program thing, and so I invited them to join us and they did. You have to know Carly to know how sweet this was. She and her 3 kiddos were genuinely excited to be there and cheered Robbie on as a Shepherd. Carly's oldest, Calla, is such a smart little girl. She has an incredible amount of the account of Jesus' birth in Luke memorized, and she knew the words to a bunch of Christmas carols. She can also read and followed along with the programs on our seats. She had a loose tooth - her first, which was a huge hit among the 3-4 year old crowd. What a fun girl! Carly's middle child, Kelsey, is in Ellie's sunday school class so they are buddies. And her youngest, Jay, is a little younger than Maddie. We kept the littlest ones entertained with goldfish that Carly had brought along. 

 Robbie's 4 year old preschool class, as the nativity!
Robbie is the shepherd front and center, black sweater.

 Robbie, Calla and Ellie
 Little Kelsey Brust!

Christmas crafts by Robbie:

The loose tooth demonstration

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Jennifer said...

SO cute! Love all the memories that you guys made over Christmas!