Saturday, February 2, 2013

The month of December - part 8

This year we eagerly anticipated the week that The Stork's Cradle (local baby boutique) would have live Nutcracker ballerinas in their windows. We loved seeing them last year! My sister Kels, my friend Liz and her little guy Peter came over to our house and we went together, moms and kiddos.

Maddie is a huge fan of Peter. 

I think we stayed for a little over a half hour. The ballerinas were just precious - they're young, ranging in age from 12-17, but very talented (I chatted with a few of their mothers!). They smiled and blew kisses to the kids between their little numbers when they were supposed to be 'frozen'. My kids fall in love with the ballerinas every year.

Peter was mesmerized too...!

I have the most adorable, hilarious video of Ellie doing ballet on the sidewalk as the ballerina dances in the window... and she loses her balance and falls over. In her big chunky boots and puffy coat. Classic.
I'm not sure if she's just stretching out here, or what. But she's getting into it.

Kelsey, Liz, Peter and me

Can't wait for next year!

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