Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas in NJ

Here are a few pictures of our time in New Jersey with Rob's family... the highlight was definitely watching Nicholas get super excited over EVERY gift and immediately try to open and play with each one. He was able to understand and anticipate Santa's visit and the toys he would bring, which was cute and new from last year.

The "grabber" we got him ended up being very entertaining to him. (You too can have a grabber for only $5.99!) He used it for the rest of the day - handing out presents, tearing off wrapping paper from his gifts... and Rachel said that later in the week his blankie fell down the side of his bed in the night and he said to her "Mom, my blankie fell - get it with the grabber!". SO cute.

Nicholas is into mimicking anything his parents do, including cooking - so he got a kitchen set from Santa this year and we got him a pretend pizza kit, which he served to us while we opened presents. :)

Baby James, getting bigger and bigger! He watches everything Nicholas does, and is very entertained by him. Next Christmas our baby will be this age almost exactly!

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