Sunday, January 20, 2008

Now we can have a baby!

More nursery progress... mom finished the crib bedding and window valence, and just has to put the ties on the bumper to hold it up. It looks even better than I had imagined it would look when we were picking out all the fabric and patterns! I love it. Thanks again, mom!!

(Don't worry, I know that there's not supposed to be anything else in the crib with the baby - these stuffed animals and blanket will be removed after I'm done taking pictures!)

The outside of the bumper (picture above) is black with tiny white polka dots - for some reason, I think the camera made it look like they are multi-colored polka dots.

Although this is a silly thing to worry about, I was getting nervous that if the baby came early, we wouldn't be ready. I know, I have 10 more weeks - even if the baby were to come early, we most likely still have plenty of time.

But who said that we're thinking rationally these days?

So I think I will sleep much better at night knowing that if our baby comes NOW, he will have a bed to sleep in!


Jen said...

Looks beautiful! What a lucky baby!

Kels said...

Ashley... I absolutely love the nursery! And the wall color is really great - I can't wait to see everything this weekend! I love how you can make even a baby's room look classy =D