Monday, August 18, 2008

Goodbye, Aunt Kelsey ::sniff::

It's day 2 of the Armbruster / Livingston family vacation (minus a handful of members of each family)... and we're enjoying playing in the sun, riding on the boat, squirt gun fights, and just being together. Robbie is fond of cousins Nicholas and James, and I think they feel the same about him since James was giving Robbie kisses and 'love' on the boat today!

But today was also a sad day. My sweet little sister, Kelsey, left to go back to Taylor from being here at the Lake with us. We have had the best summer together, and today it hit us just how quickly it flew by. (We had planned to play a lot of tennis - oops. Never got on the courts!)

Thank you, Kelsey, for having so much love for Robbie - for wanting to learn how to feed, change, diaper, burp, bathe, walk, rock, and soothe him. You make him smile and laugh differently than anyone else, and I know you hold a special place in his heart. He got to spend so much time with you this summer! What a lucky boy. Thank you for watching him so that Rob and I could go out for dinner and ice cream. Thanks for being there at the very beginning in March, driving home from Taylor the minute you heard I was in labor even though you had to go back for finals a few days later... for spending your whole spring break helping me adjust to being a mom... for spending your first 'college summer' with us when you could have been doing anything in the world. We love you more than you will ever realize, and this summer is full of memories that we will always have to make us smile when the days are not as bright.

Enjoy your sophomore year at Taylor! (I really think it's the best year of college for so many reasons.) And keep an eye on your mailbox. Something might just be coming your way soon. We will miss you so much!


Ryan and Kristin Zeeb said...

Your sis sounds great! Hopefully I'll get to meet her soon! (And, ask her if she wants to babysit for me, too!!=)

The Larsons said...

I love the new background, Ash! I'm so glad you got to spend good quality time with the entire family.

Love you guys,


raymond said...

I second that comment -- love the new look of the blog -- it's very you! Bummer that Kels is back at school already -- man, the summer really flew by. We love you Kelsey! Have a great year at Taylor! :)
- Jen

Anonymous said...

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