Sunday, December 21, 2008

"I heart Riley Green." -Robbie

Robbie has found a precious new friend in Riley Green over the last few months!  Riley is about 2 weeks younger than Robbie (and lives very close) and it is fun to see them developing along the same timelines.  Our recent playdates have included the following activities: always sharing snacks, lots of poking and grabbing at each other, toy sharing (stealing, whatever), talking back and forth ("ba-ba-ba", repeat), and us moms snapping pictures every time something cute happens.  Translation: we take pictures the whole time, pausing only to sit them back up when they topple over!  The bonus is that we all go to the same church, and they get to play in the cry room together on Sundays!  Lucky kids, they are.

This was our 'Christmas' playdate, as I'm calling it.  We set them up in front of the tree and their cuteness did not fail us.

Hi mommies!  We are buddies.

A lot of this goes on... they are very curious about each other's faces.  It usually ends with formerly-gentle Robbie getting excited and clawing Riley's cheek.  We clip his nails just before they come over now, to be safe.

Posing??  I think this is my favorite!  What a sweet girl.

Robbie loves the attention Riley gives him! 

And apparently Riley has a thing for big heads.  Robbie leans in so that she can get a good squeeze!

See?   I told you they were cute together.  ::sigh::


DeBlock's Blog said...

bring that sweater to nj if you can, is "sort of" matches with sweaters I have for the boys

Jennifer said...

How fun! Aren't kids just the greatest? Your pictures of Robbie never fail to make me smile! Thanks for sharing them! :)