Sunday, December 14, 2008

You aren't really surprised, are you?!

Neither am I.   :) 

Robbie's first word was "DADA".  The boy loves his dad.  No jealousy here on mom's end, wishing it were "MAMA" - I love that Robbie adores Rob!  It is what I have always prayed for. 

(ps. for those of you who may be thinking that every baby says dada indiscriminately - you are right.  Robbie has actually been saying 'dadadadada' for weeks now - 'mamamama' too, and lots of other things that sound like words like 'diaper' and 'truck'.  But we got him to say DADA on command, several different times, while pointing to Rob!  So we figured that counted as first word.)  

Robbie tries out the boots I got for Rob (which incidentally were returned - I'm not good at picking out shoes for him!).  These are some big shoes to fill.
Playing in the snow in his snowsuit!  

Please keep praying for our friends Mark and Heidi, whose 9 week old baby Kaiya is still in the hospital.  You can follow Kaiya's progress on their blog here


Jennifer said...

Oh wow! Snow!!! I've forgotten what that wonderful white fluffy stuff looks like. Think it was 80 degrees here today! Enjoy the snow some for us too! : )

Love the boots by the way. I'm right with you on the whole buying shoes for the husband thing -- I usually end up making 2 or more trips to get the ones he wants!

Christine said...

I can't believe Robbie's TALKING! I can't wait to see him (and you and Rob, of course) next week!