Monday, July 12, 2010

For him, with gratitude

My best guys, playing in the summer rain yesterday after dinner before tucking in early for bed.

My camera's been acting up, and at first glance I was annoyed that it hadn't focused properly during this little shoot as I attempted to capture a sweet moment.

And then I took a closer look and realized that these photos aren't accidental, but truth-telling. They are a perfect representation of our lives right now. (And they are unedited.)

Everything around us can be moving, busy, unclear, and difficult to manage... but I have been blessed with a husband who is constant and unmoving through it all. (And handsome to boot.)

Rob is my anchor, my best friend, the one who wisely counsels me when I've lost my way, who always protects, provides and cares for me, and never gives up on me. He is calm when I am worked up, and farsighted when I can't see past what is right in front of me. He challenges me and faithfully walks through difficulties with me. He pursues God with me. He encourages me to dig deeper and think harder and run faster towards life with God. He appreciates my strengths, marvels at my gifts, puts up with my terribly irritating flaws and is patient with my pitiful weaknesses. Robbie and Ellie were not only created in part by him, but they ARE partially him in their personality, their mannerisms, preferences, tendencies, and strengths. I would be lying to say that I'm not jealous of that fact. I love knowing that they will always carry around their father inside of them, that God weaves us together as a family in different ways with relationship to one another. Husband to wife. Father to son. Mother to daughter. Brother to sister. What a miracle.


Lindsey said...

Great thoughts. I am so glad that you have someone like Rob to point you to the Lord!!!

The Larsons said...

You are a beautiful woman inside and out. I have so appreciated spending a little time in your unedited world through the last two blogs. What a great encouragement you are to me.

Love you sister,