Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Nutley Livingstons

The events of last weekend will always be overshadowed by a great visit from Rob's brother Brad and his wife Christine (who live in Nutley, NJ). They were in town for a wedding, and we got to see them for part of Saturday and all of Sunday! We hope they come back, but won't blame them if they don't since we ended up sleeping them in the basement where the sump pump was going off every minute through the night of the Great Storm of 2010, and the temperature down there is easily 60 degrees.

We are thankful that they are so easy, and while Rob and I made sure we didn't take in any water during the storm early Saturday morning, Robbie and Brad spent time together wrestling and putting the alphabet train together.

It's always fun to play in the puddles after a good summer storm...

(I don't think Robbie could adore him more.)

Sunday afternoon the weather was beautiful so after an early dinner at Culver's (why is this the first time I've been there!?), we played outside before Christine and Brad had to leave.

Can you guess which brother is which?

I am pretty sure these two would follow Aunt Christine anywhere...

We picked clovers and tiny white flowers that grew nearby. This is a new favorite summer activity when I take the kids on wagon rides up and down the street. They hold their little weed in their chubby hands like they have just discovered the most rare, gorgeous flower they've ever seen. It is pretty cute and never gets old to me.

I looked up at one point to find Robbie taking Ellie on a wagon ride.

Aunt Christine must understand the importance of a well-worn-out little boy at the end of the day, because they ran up and down the sidewalk together several times!

And later, Uncle Brad and Robbie brush up on their basketball skills.

We miss these two so much and are so thankful for them! You guys are the best. We love you.


the deKorne family said...

wow! that's crazy how much they look alike! what fun to get to spend time together. :) family is the best!!

Heather Green said...

Riley says, "Nakies Robbie! Hehehehehehe!"

Christine said...

We miss you all already! So fun to see you guys!