Thursday, July 29, 2010


Robbie has been surprising me lately with his artistic abilities. I know I'm totally biased, but the kid is already drawing (recognizable) train tracks by drawing 2 somewhat straight lines next to each other and then lots of short perpendicular lines while he narrates each one by saying "track... track... track...".

Then last week he was drawing trains! He erased the best one before I could make a mad dash for my camera, but here's the runner up:

Look closely - the big circle in the middle is the engine, the two smaller circles below are the wheels, the smaller circle at the top and off center to the right a little bit is the conductor's window, and then the track is that line running around the outside. Not bad if you ask me, but then again I'm his biggest fan.

*Love the proud grin.

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Parker said...

i see it! Good job. drawing straight lines and circles can be hard for alittle people! :)