Thursday, February 2, 2012


Rob and I woke up well before the sun had a chance to rise. We kept throwing things into boxes, that awesome part of packing and moving where you can't even label the box appropriately because how does one assign a room to a box full of random kids' toys (those found beneath the couch once it was moved), cable splitters, a fly swatter, and ponytail holders? :)

My mom showed up at 7am, just as the kids were waking up. I snapped a few pictures before I got each of them out of their cribs, because at this point we had decided not to build 2 of the 3 cribs at the new house. Goodbye, days of 3 kids in 3 cribs. We probably hung out there for far too long anyways.

Welcome to the start of all of my days for the last year:

For some reason it made me very sad to send the kids off for the day.

However, I don't know how one moves with kids around / underfoot. It was so much easier to have them gone as the trucks were loaded up and we continued to make individual car trips of our valuables over to the house.

Our moving company was REALLY good. If you need a recommendation, let me know. I thought this picture of the truck as they were about to unload it at the new house was hilarious.
(I wonder if a moving truck has ever been T-boned? What a mess that would be.)

And then we started to pile boxes up everywhere in the new house. I had asked our wonderful babysitter to help me unpack and get the kids settled on the afternoon and evening of the move, which was such a good idea if I do say so myself! Ha. Cheryl came back over as well to help unpack and she also brought an amazing dinner - chicken cordon bleu, seasoned roasted veggies and fruit salad. My parents brought the kids back and my sister came with them, and we had a full house. It was so much fun.

Cheryl had also brought us lunch over during the move, and had posted signs on the kids' bedroom doors that had pictures of them and their favorite toys. It was the cutest idea to help them be excited about their new (separate) rooms. And because I'm a sucker for any excuse to put a bunch of balloons by the front door, I brought a few home to welcome the kids with when they arrived.

During the day as the movers unpacked the trucks, we were able to meet one of our neighbors when they came home and realized that someone was moving in. We were warmly welcomed and it was a nice way to begin our relationship with them.

We spent the evening unpacking, talking around the table, and getting the kids down for bed. They all went to sleep without a problem in their new rooms, and Robbie and Ellie both slept for the first time in big kid beds like it was no big deal. No one even fell out of them through the night! I love it when transitions like that go smoother than you are expecting.

I realized that with an additional bedroom, I was now short one monitor and one sound machine, so Cheryl and Kelsey ran that errand for me so that I could keep an eye on all 3 kids through the night.

And that is the story of how we moved across town!


The Larsons said...

My heart swells for you this morning as I read of your move across town. I love the balloons and that you thought of them! You are such a thoughtful mama. I cannot wait to share a meal together in your new home! Joshua 24:15

Jennifer said...

Oh my!...I LOVE it! Love all of the thoughtful ideas you had for making the kids feel at home in the new place. And, oh my, the house is so unbelievably gorgeous. I can't wait to see pictures of the rest!