Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Since then...

The blog has been quiet since we moved but we've been busy! 3 little kids who have needs all day long make it hard to unpack boxes and get settled in, but we're getting there. Slowly but surely.

This is a hodge-podge post. Be forewarned.

Breaking in the family room the first morning...

We were so thankful the snow waited to fall until we were done moving! However, it meant that Rob had 2 driveways to shovel. By the afternoon, he had overdone it - not nearly enough sleep and too much physical labor with the move / shoveling and his back went out. I felt awful for him - at one point he literally could not get up off the bedroom floor.

The kids had fun rediscovering their toys as we unpacked. I'm not sure what Ellie was going for here, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say it works.

Oh dear goodness this kid cracks me up.

The third child of course - snacking off the floor. I had to put this one in here because I love her pointed little toes.

I've been offering her little dices of ok-to-eat foods. She seems to like it - it's entertaining for her and I think she's kind of over baby food. It doesn't seem to fill her up or satisfy her. Right now her favorites seem to be melon, cheerios, and pasta. Not a huge fan of hot dogs:

Speaking of the little lady, we dedicated her on Sunday at church two weeks ago. We were barely able to make it, with Rob's back being so bad, but he toughed it out and we stood up to publicly affirm that we will raise Madeline to know the Lord and hopefully teach her how to love Him with her whole heart and life.

I hope it's understandable that I didn't take any pictures!? 48 hours after moving and 24 hours after Rob's back injury, the last thing on my mind was finding my good camera. We are all just happy that we made it that morning in one piece and dressed! (*I dressed Maddie in our seats at church, actually. But it was intentional - I didn't want her pretty little dress to get wrinkled in her car seat. ha!) I also knew that we would receive a DVD of the dedication from our church, and my mom was taking pictures too.

In my distracted state (remember - unpacking), Robbie keeps stealing my phone and has figured out how to turn it on, get into it (that swiping motion), and use the camera app to take pictures. Seriously - I have never shown them how, nor do they play games on it. It's strictly off limits. Aren't kids so smart? I was secretly glad that he snapped this picture of Ellie's cute pigtails as they were running around the family room the other day.

This past Sunday morning we stayed home from church because Maddie had been sick with a cold on Saturday. I think it is her first significant illness EVER! We have been so grateful for her health.

Little snuggle bunny with a fever...

Still beautiful even when she's feeling horrible.

The kids didn't want to be split up and wouldn't let Rob or I take them unless we were all going. So we stuck around here and got a lot done. By the afternoon we were getting stir crazy so I took the kids for a walk around the neighborhood to meet some of our new neighbors.

Not sure what is happening here...

Then the superbowl started, and we realized that it is incredibly frustrating to try to watch the game on TV with the kids awake. We are a Giants household, and so I did what any good wife would do for her Giants-loving husband. I put the baby to bed and took the older kids to Target to get them out of the house! Haha.

I got them chicken nuggets and nestled them into a shopping cart and we got a few groceries and generally meandered up and down the aisles. It was actually pretty creepy - the whole town was quiet, and Target was empty.

Since then we've been plowing through laundry...

...and happily adjusting to a new rhythm in a new home.

Every day is bookended by these two playing in Robbie's bedroom, always with Robbie in the center of his track, and Ellie close by with "Sevie-Lala" as she calls it in her hand.

The story of 'Sevie-Lala': It used to just be a 'lala' before she could say 'lovey'. Then she would call it 'lovey-lala'. And then, because she would beg for more loveys in her crib after I had given her all of them at once, including back ups that she had rejected in favor of the cat-headed one, I would tell her "Ellie you have SEVEN LOVEYS in your crib! You don't need any more." She's a bit of a gatherer when it comes to soft blankets and animals. So now she calls her favorite one 'sevie-lala', in reference to 'seven lalas'. If you don't follow, that's fine. I wrote it more for my own documentation of her at this age!

Also entertaining about Elle-belle as a 2 year old: her continued love affair with accessories, namely hats.

And her insistence to use the potty by yelling "POTTY!" just like Robbie does throughout the day, only she has no idea what she's supposed to do once she's arrived bare-bum in the seat. All she knows is that Robbie yells potty, sits down, and then gets a whole lot of attention and praise afterwards, so she wants in on it. :)

We had a little incident involving the older 2 in the bathtub while I was putting Maddie in her pj's. Robbie may have emptied a huge bottle of bubble bath that was sitting nearby and was not of the tear-free variety, and before I saw it happen Ellie was wiping her face like mad trying to get the bubbles out of her eyes. Which of course made it worse and made her want to wipe her eyes more. Vicious cycle! We got her all rinsed off as she screamed, and by morning she was good as new. Which made me feel better, because I was sure those eyes would be red and swollen for much longer!

We continue our snuggle-in-mom-and-dads-bed-after-baths routine.

But have added a mom-lays-with-everyone-for-a-few-minutes-in-their-beds-at-bedtime that isn't long for the world because it makes it impossible for Rob and I to eat dinner anytime before 8pm!

Oh, and Ellie has found (where, I actually have no idea!) what she thinks are 'band-aids' and keeps coming downstairs to bandage us up. It gets my funny bone every time.

I took my first bath in years and I'm so glad I had forgotten what I was missing because ohmygoodnessbathsaremyfavoritething. Now that we have a legitimate tub that is deeper than 12 inches, I'm trying to squeeze one of these in whenever I can! I can't believe how relaxing it is before bedtime. Which brings me to: why are my kids rambunctious in the tub when they could be calmly soaking!? Baths and naps are wasted on little people. When you want them, need them, and are old enough to appreciate them, they elude you. ;)

Back to blogging as usual...


Rachel Jones said...

Great post - loving the new house and oh so jealous of your awesome tub!!!

Jennifer said...

yeah! welcome back, my tub loving friend! love you! :)

The Larsons said...

So many things to say...
-the last shot of M sitting on your lap (while sick) biting your lip, looks so much like you. I can just picture your sweet face as an infant.
-the one of E, eyes red from bubble bath, sitting on the lap of her daddy blurred in the background, can you say mouth twins? I think there is more of Rob in her than meets the eye.
-Your E and my C are going to be such sweet friends one day. Their natural love of all things beautiful and accessories melts my heart.
-that last shot- so happy for you to have a new quiet place to call your own. love the nail color and pose. tempted to jump right in, which i know full well makes me sounds like a lunatic!

Love to you all! Can't wait to visit!